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Your Guide to All SevenFriday Series of Watches in Malaysia

From diverse styles to multifarious features, purchasing a SevenFriday watch can be overwhelming, as there are a lot of things to consider. To make choosing easier, here is a breakdown of all the SevenFriday Series' features, helping you get the watch that suits your lifestyle and needs.

SevenFriday P Series

Of all the SevenFriday collections in Malaysia, this line of watches remains as one of the most sought-after variants which include the P1, P2, and P3 watches. The watches under this collection somewhat resemble vintage television screens sporting a lugless design and a nearly 47mm wide size. With that, they appear large, making them appear bold. Seven Friday P watches also have a core case made of steel which comes in a range of finishes, from steel with black PVD coating to polished steel. They come in various case colors that look visually appealing, exhibiting the versatility of this watch collection in terms of design.

Another interesting aspect of these watches is the dial design which is not easy to read but wields a traditional hour and minute hands. Other things you will see on the dial are the subsidiary seconds indicator and synchronized 24-hour hands that indicate the time.

Seven Friday M Series

Design-wise, the M series is similar to the original “P” series of watches, as they have the 47mm wide lugless case as well as similar look and feel. This watch collection is inspired by turbines and ammeters or old radios. The M1 and M2 are the watches under this collection, exhibiting Japanese Miyota mechanical movements and using discs instead of hands to indicate the time. Although this may not be a normal way of reading the time, it becomes simple once you get accustomed to it. There are three discs that indicate the hours, minutes, and seconds. Unlike P watches, the crown on the M watches is flanked to the left side of the chassis while a new plaque is placed to the right of the case. In terms of the internals, the M watches house a modified Japanese Miyota caliber 8215 automatic movements which contain a power reserve of up to 45 hours. Moreover, it has a unique caseback design, making it look like an upgrade to SevenFriday P watches.

SevenFriday V Series

Compared to the P and M series, the SevenFriday V collection is very different. It has two protrusions on the left side that houses a simple yet smart FSC (Fast Strap Change) system, modifying the look of this watch completely. This collection is also named V since it has a V toppled to its right which stays there.

Aside from that, the V series comes with a round, hardened, and anti-reflective treated domed mineral glass but it still has the traditionally shaped dial. The case appears more polished compared to the P and M watches, with neat bevels and a straight-grained glass surround. The glass appears like a high-wall dome with a vintage look, displaying the designers’ flair in referencing old-word machinery.

It also features the NFC chip which is integrated into the watch’s back. It can be used for various tasks since the chip can be loaded with information. It works similarly to other high-end watches that allow users to open doors, store personal information, and carry digitized documentation through the watch. The SevenFriday V series harnesses Miyota mechanical movements that look simple yet cool and reliable. As for the case back engraving, it appears well-made – much better compared to other caseback engravings from the previous series.

SevenFriday Q Series

This line of watches displays a slick vintage industrial design with aesthetic and automatic movements. Compared to the P, M, and V series, the Q collection offers new features while still sporting a traditional design.

The Q Series of watches in Malaysia uses a similar case to the V series but has its unique finishing. The features that SevenFriday retained for the Q series are the 44mm stainless steel cushion-shaped chassis, lugless design, Fast Strap Changer system, and custom-made Miyota automatic movements. The Q collection harnesses the Miyota 2819 that lacks a central hour hand, although it has a second-time-zone display that serves as the main hours with a 24-hour format. The Miyota 2819 operates at 3 Hz, running over 40 hours of power reserve with a -20 to +40 seconds accuracy per day. In terms of the dial elements, they are multi-level and are visible at many angles; all thanks to the domed mineral crystal.

SevenFriday S Series

Like other SevenFriday collections in Malaysia, the S-series is referencing industrial roots, perfectly exhibiting clean technology as seen on its recyclable animation ring. It features a rounded square box case and an openwork dial design. With that, it exhibits a luxurious look despite its industrial appearance. It still sports the 47mm case that appears bulky and heavy but this is not the case for S watches. To give the watches an altered and lighter aesthetic, SevenFriday applied a translucent nylon animation ring on the case. Not to mention, the ring enhances the look of the four metallic blue PVD structural screws. As for the mechanical movements, the S series harnesses the Japanese Miyota movement which is precise, robust, and dependable. Plus, it has a 40-hours power reserve, saving you the trouble of recharging your watch for a full day and a half.