Influenced by street style, Self Portrait Malaysia portrays a unique set of fashionable items from clothing to accessories. Playing in between the lines of androgyny and feminine silhouettes, Self Portraits takes wearable fashion to the next level. Check out the hottest pieces from Self Portrait below or read more about Self Portrait Malaysia.

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Self Portrait Malaysia - Setting a New Standard to Wearable Fashion

Unique in both style and theme, Self Portrait sets the bars a notch higher when it comes to fashion. Celebrities and fashion icons like Lilly Collins, Charlotte Wiggins, Kate Middleton, Kate Bosworth, and Nina Agdal are all big fans of this new fashion label. Whether its a feminine ensemble for a gala or a comfortable dress for a night out, Self Portrait Malaysia gives life to your #OOTD.

Self Portrait Malaysia

Taking inspiration from contemporary concepts and mixing it together with classic designs, you have Self Portrait - a London-based fashion label. Self Portrait is a new fashion brand created by Han Chong - former creative designer for Three Floor. Inspired by both the past and the present, Chong creates wild designs that challenges the standard in wearable fashion. His creations are borderline haute couture but can still be worn on the streets. The label dares fashionistas to be feminine and sophisticated while sporting intricate dresses. Floral patterns, lace, and mesh are abundant on his designs which makes them a unique piece of art.

The best thing about Self Portrait is the price tag. According to Chong “I work with an excellent and highly skilled team, both in the studio and in the factory, and it allows me to keep my designs within a price range, so that girls with a normal income can buy them," creating an extensive line of clothes for every woman from all walks of life. Self Portrait Malaysia is a label with strong convictions and stronger signature designs. As a fashionista, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the latest designs from the brand.

Self Portrait Collections - A New Take on Wearable Fashion

Creating the first Self Portrait designs in Fall of 2013, Self Portrait quickly rose to fame. In just three years, the brand has gained following from many fashion icons as exotic as Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Banks, Lucy Hale, Kirsten Stewart, Kate Bosworth, and the Dutchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. A label that suits a princess minus the hefty price tag, Self Portrait maintains a steady ship when it comes to creating some of the most beautiful and unique garments you would own.


Taking a bold spin to traditional dresses, Self Portrait Malaysia under the direction of Three Label Founder and now creative director of Self Portrait, takes dresses to a whole new level. Using laces and meshes with delicate feminine patterns, whether its a mini-, midi-, or maxi dress, its designs portray majesty and grandeur while maintaining a sophisticated aura.


Like the brand’s dresses, Self Portrait stays true to their signature design - creating garments from intricate floral and symmetrical motifs made from lace and mesh, adding a new spin to your usual tops. Challenging the standard of wearable fashion, Self Portrait Malaysia takes your clothes to the next level with their excellent collection of tops from blouses to crop tops in symmetrical or asymmetrical design.


To complement their eye-catching designs, Self Portrait has created pants and skirts that emphasize the female silhouette. Using bold, muted colors, Self Portrait has a selection of exciting bottoms to match your #OOTD. But if you are keen on creating a unique and exciting outfit, Self Portrait also has bottoms featuring their signature floral mesh and lace for that haute couture look.


Now that jumpsuits are back in fashion, Self Portrait adds a modern twist to your favorite garment from the 60s and 70s. Incorporating their signature floral designs in lace and prints, Self Portrait has created a great selection of jumpsuits which exude in modernism and sophistication.


As a staple for everyday wear, Self Portrait reinvents the way you wear your coats and jackets. Unique and feminine, the brand extends their signature concepts to your favorite outerwear. Whether its during the fall or winter, you can still look fabulous with Self Portrait coats and jackets.


Adding more than just comfort and texture to any garment, Self Portrait knitwear is a fabulous piece of art. From tops, scarves, to dresses, you would certainly love their ultra-comfortable designs in various set of fall colors.


A debut collection for the Spring/Summer 2016 season, Self Portrait has created an array of meticulously hand-crafted wedding dresses for the modern bride. Taking influence from women of the 60s and 70s, creative director and founder Han Chong has created timeless and feminine pieces using the brand’s signature guipure lace, floral motifs, chiffon, and silk.

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Exquisite, sophisticated, and feminine, Self Portrait Malaysia is the next level of wearable fashion. Adored by celebrities and fashionistas alike, the brand creates designs that would set a new standard in fashion, adding a new twist towards your everyday garments. Shop for the best fashion items from Self Portrait Malaysia at iPrice!