Seiko watches are often regarded synonymous with class, elegance, durability and value for money. Waste no more time, scroll down and look for your Seiko, or read below to find out what makes Seiko watches so irresistible.


Some Reasons Why Seiko Is The Best Bet for Mechanical Watches

Seiko’s Grand Seiko watch collection is without a doubt the best bet for mechanical watches for its price range. Well received and loved by watch collectors, Grand Seiko is wandering into the luxury watch market with steady and firm steps (although the brand has yet to hit a major breakthrough in English-speaking countries) mainly through internet forums.

Seiko has been entering international wristwatch movement competitions like the Neuchatel chronometer testing starting in 1964. The Neuchatel observatory rates and ranks participants relative to other movements that were tested. This enables the test to see who was making the most accurate timepieces. Seiko moved from the 144th place into the top ten with advancements in high-frequency calibres and was set to finally take the first-place finish in 1968 when the Neuchatel chronometer trials were abruptly abandoned.

Undeterred, Grand Seiko enrolled for the equivalent Geneva competition and received 4th through 10th place, beaten only by a prototype quartz movement which took 1st through 3rd. Hands down to Seiko in succeeding in its mission to make the most accurate mechanical wristwatch movements in the world. The Grand Seiko has proved that it can compete with any other luxury watch brand.

Seiko’s Affordable Price Range

Seiko, for its price range, makes some of the best timepieces in the world, and we are passionate to tell you more about it. Firstly, let us get to know the various type of Seiko watch collection for not only men and women but also young adults who seek classy and timeless timepieces. Here’s a simple breakdown on that matter.

Wide Variety of Seiko Watches

Here are some of Seiko’s best series you can collect:

  • Grand Seiko — The high-end Seiko watch line for men and women. This collection offers timepieces that have the most accurate mechanical wristwatch movements in the world.
  • Astron GPS Solar — The world’s first GPS Seiko watch that runs on solar power. Available for men and women, this line of watches will never stop keeping time as Astron receives all its power from any kind of light source.
  • Prospex — This Seiko watch collection is made for serious sportsmen. World top tennis player Novak Djokovic is the official ambassador of this sports watch line.
  • Coutura — This Seiko watch collection features classic pieces of the most advanced kinetic and chronograph watches for both men and women.
  • Sportura — Another line of sports watches for all to experience the pinnacle of world sport.
  • Premier — For men are looking for analogue, kinetic and mechanical watches. The main highlight of this Seiko watch line is the Kinetic Direct Drive that is powered by your movements.
  • Tressia — Crafted with jewels and diamonds, this Seiko watch line is made for the woman who wants low maintenance, elegant and eye-catching timepiece on the wrist.
  • Le Grand Sport — Superior functionality and elegance on the wrists of men and women. This line is designed to please the eyes of both the wearer and others.
  • Recraft series — A recreation collection recalling Seiko’s beloved divers and chronographs of the ‘60s and ‘70s. This range features true mechanical watches with a renewed style and wrist presence.

Other Seiko watch collections include Galante, Ananta, and Credor, all three for men.

Seiko Watches That Add Value to Your Watch Collection

Here are our top three Seiko watches that you should check out when shopping for Seiko watches online.

  • Seiko Prospex Radio Sync Solar World Time Chronograph
  • Seiko Recraft Automatic SNKMN97
  • Seiko Sportura Automatic 4R38

How much are Seiko watches?

The price of a Seiko watch in Malaysia can range between RM150 all the way up to RM300,000. It all depends on the serial of the watch, the material, and the design. There is also limited edition Seiko watches with an exorbitant price, made with premium materials with an exquisite design, that is only meant for ownership by the very few. The manufacturing date of the watch also plays a part, as some vintage watches can actually worth more and have a higher price point than newer Seiko watches.

Refer to the table below for a more thorough Seiko watch price list.

Seiko Watches



Seiko 5 Automatic Black Dial Men’s Sports Watch SNZF17J1



Siko Men’s Prospex Stainless Automatic Diver Watch



Seiko 5 SRPD63K1 SRPD63K Automatic 24 Jewels Green Dial Stainless Steel Watch



Seiko Original 43MM Automatic Men’s Watch



Seiko 5 Sports Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch



Are Seiko watches Swiss made?

Seiko is a Japanese brand so their timepieces are not considered Swiss-made. However, Seiko watches are made with exemplary materials and designed with the utmost precision. A higher-end Seiko watch can compete with Swiss-made watches that can cost considerably higher than a Seiko watch.

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