You don’t have to wait to contract eczema to use products from Sebamed. This German skin care and bath and body brand offer medicinal skin care products that are able to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance. You can read more about Sebamed Malaysia and its medicinal skin care products by clicking here.

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5 Top Medicinal Skin Care Collections from Sebamed Malaysia

Regular soap can sometimes disturb the balance of your skin’s natural pH level and strip away the protective layer. That clean feeling that you feel after showering is deemed unhealthy by dermatologists because that means the natural oil of the skin was washed away during your shower.

With skin care products from Sebamed Malaysia, you can restore that pH balance and ensure the well-being of your skin, away from intrusive soaps and shower products. All of Sebamed’s products has the pH value of 5.5 to maintain the moisture balance. You can even find medicinal facial care, hair care, foot care, sun care, and hand and lip products that will solve all your problems from head to toe, literally.

Sebamed Skin Care

The brand’s most prominent product line would be their skin care line. It caters to almost all skin types like sensitive skin, aging, dry, and other extreme skin conditions. Out of all their skin care products, the Sebamed Cleansing Bar is one of their best-selling items. This Sebamed soap actually contains no soap at all, using an active substance called Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate to recreate that soapy, foamy texture. It also has a moisturizing compound to ensure that your skin will always come out soft and smooth. The Sebamed Cleansing Bar is highly recommended for those with dry and sensitive skin or those who are prone to skin diseases.

Other than the Sebamed Cleansing Bar, there’s also the 2-in-1 Liquid Face & Body Wash, Fresh Shower soap-free emulsion, and Spa Shower emulsion with an added therapeutic water lily extract.

Sebamed Face Care

Not only does the body need a certain balance for it to stay moisturized, the face needs it as well. In fact, it’s more difficult to control the balance of the face due to the different skin conditions experienced by every individual. Whether you have an oily, dry, normal, sensitive, or combination skin, guaranteed you can find the suitable products from Sebamed’s collection.

The top products include the Sebamed Moisturizing Cream and Anti-Aging Q10 Protection Cream. The former provides support and protection for the natural barrier on the skin’s acid mantle. It will restore and retain a balanced level of moisture on the skin through it’s Vitamin E and lipid content. The latter is a lightweight cream targeted towards those experiencing aging symptoms. It has co-enzyme Q10 which activates metabolism of oxygen and ingredients like sweet almond oil, shea butter, and squalene for a smoother and softer skin. Besides these two top products, there are also the Sebamed Clear Face line for people prone to acne which includes the Sebamed Clear Face Gel, Clear Face Antibacterial Cleansing Foam, and more.

Sebamed Hair Care

After skin care and face care, complete your soap-free regimen with the products from Sebamed hair care line. This product line is perfect for anyone with different hair conditions like dandruff, damaged hair, breakage, hair loss, and color-treater hair. The Sebamed shampoos are as follows: Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Everyday Shampoo, Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, Anti- Hair Loss Shampoo, Colour Care Shampoo, Anti-Dry Revitalizing Shampoo, Extreme Dry Skin Relief Shampoo 5% Urea, and Children Shampoo.

All of these Sebamed shampoos and conditioners also have the same 5.5 pH balanced formula that will control the balance of the oil production of the scalp. Unlike some commercialized hair care products, the shampoos will not strip the necessary natural oils of the scalp but will only get rid the dirt and the unnecessary excess sebum.

Sebamed Body Care

After washing your face, hair, and body with the three product lines above, complete your care routine with Sebamed Body Care line. This line includes products like massage oil, cleansing milk, body lotion, toner, and body gel. Like the Sebamed Derma Hydrating Gel, for example. This body gel has refreshing and moisturizing effects due to its aloe vera and vitamins A, C, D, and E.

This line also has the Healing and Protective Ointment. Not only does it have the pH balance of 5.5, it also includes active ingredients to guide the skin’s natural healing process. It contains jojoba extracts and shea butter to prevent the skin from dryness and moisturize it at the same time.

Sebamed Baby

If you have a child, consider using Sebamed’s baby products to bathe and moisturize your little ones. The products are mild and delicate so it will not trigger any reactions on your baby’s sensitive skin. With products like Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar, Baby Lotion, Diaper Rash Cream, and Baby Smoothing Massage Oil, your baby’s skin will remain soft, smooth, and radiant while preventing them from being exposed to harsh chemical ingredients.

Now that your hair, face, body, and baby are medicinally moisturized, complete the regimen with Sebamed sun care, foot care, deodorants, and hand and lip care.