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Scubapro diving gear in Malaysia

Do you love the ocean? Do you love exploring every inch of the vast sea? Do you get titillated with the idea of snorkelling in crystal clear waters, or to discover new underwater worlds just off the coast of our beautiful country, Malaysia? If you answered yes to all these questions, you have come to the right place. Scuba diving in Malaysia is thought to be an expensive sport. Thankfully, with the right gear, you won’t have to spend much. Scubapro is here to help. Scubapro diving gear in Malaysia gives you hundreds of diving gear and accessories so you can go out on your adventure without any worries. Scubapro Malaysia gives you only the best in diving gear at the lowest prices. Quality products at your fingertips right here on iprice. Find out more with the links below.

Scubapro – Synonymous with diving gear

As we have yet to evolve gills, scuba gear is what keeps us alive when underwater. Hence, when we think of scuba diving, we think of quality and durable materials. The very fibre that forms each component of underwater gear must be tough and able to endure the harsh conditions of the ocean. Fortunately, Scubapro has mastered the art of creating quality diving gear such as goggles, snorkels, scuba watches and wet suits.

Scubapro first started in 1960’s by two men, Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin. With the introduction of diving fins, regulators and recompression chambers, diving was taken to a new level. It became a sport for everyone to be able to enjoy. Over the course of time, Scubapro has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of diving gear in the world. Along with the collaboration with Johnson Outdoors Inc., the company has made progress in the world of diving. Fun fact: 50% of the people who work at Scubapro are divers themselves. Today, Scubapro has branches in over 7 countries in worldwide. Scubapro’s success has led the company to become synonymous with the thought of diving gear.

Everything you need for diving with Scubapro

Scubapro is your one-stop place for everything in diving. Whether you dive for a living, dive for sport or dive for leisure, Scubapro has all the diving and scuba gear you could ask for. In any situation, it’s best to go prepared rather than lacking. Therefore, let’s look at some of Scubapro’s finest diving gear available in the market today. Scubapro’s repertoire of diving gear includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Scubapro Wetsuits & Drysuits (men & women)
  • Scubapro Snorkels
  • Scubapro Regulators (scuba octopus)
  • Scubapro Diving Fins
  • Scubapro Diving Masks & Goggles
  • Scubapro Diving Watches
  • Scubapro Underwater Torchlight
  • Scubapro Gauges
  • Scubapro Water Boots
  • Scubapro Bags

You can’t go wrong choosing from the wide variety of Scubapro equipment available. We recommend that you use the same brand of diving equipment for each category. This way, you can determine the functional compatibility of the equipment before taking out for a trip underwater. You can find an overview of products from Scubapro sports & outdoors page.

Scubapro Wetsuits

The first item you’ll need in your basket when going for a dive is a proper wetsuit. To choose a wetsuit, start by determining what type of environment you’ll be diving in. if you’re thinking of heading into a colder climate environment, you would want to take a full wetsuit. A full wetsuit basically covers most of your body except your head, your palms and feet. On the other hand, a short wetsuit or half wetsuit usually covers will knee length. Be sure to pick out the wetsuits by gender as they are made differently for men as they are for women. Some Scubapro wetsuits you could consider are:

  • Scubapro - TEC 3MM WETSUIT (WOMAN)

Scubapro snorkels & fins

Once you’ve picked up your wetsuits, it’s time to pick up your other gear. Look out for Scubapro snorkels to assist your dive. Scubapro snorkels range from the dry to semi-dry snorkels and are made from the toughest combination of plastic and fibreglass to ensure quality. Some of the variety of Scubapro snorkels are as follows:

  • Scubapro - PHOENIX 2 DRY SNORKEL
  • Scubapro - Spectra Dry Snorkel

Then move on to get the perfect pair of Scubapro diving fins. Choosing Scubapro diving fins is much like choosing a pair of water boots. Simply check the size and shape of the fins and which type of environment and diving condition it is suited for before purchasing it. Some Scubapro fins you could look at are:

  • Scubapro - SEAWING NOVA FINS

Scubapro online with iprice

Purchasing diving gear is usually done by going in to sports and outdoors retailer to get them. Today, the scenario is a different. Instead of physically purchasing, you can get all your diving gear online with Scubapro online store. Buying online not only saves you time, but it also gives you the flexibility to compare prices and shop at the leisure and comfort of your home. With Scubapro online store at iprice Malaysia, you can get the best in diving gear at the lowest prices in the market.