Walk and move about in ultimate level of comfort with Scholl shoes. With various shoe designs to choose from, Scholl has remained a leading global brand for over 110 years. Look at Scholl shoes offered below and click here to learn more.


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Scholl Malaysia: the shoe collection that will pamper your feet

The Scholl Collections are dedicated to those looking for shoes providing maximum comfort, the Scholl Style Collection combines comfort, design and elegance when making shoes for its customers.

One of Scholl's flagship products is the Pescura Collection, which are brightly coloured beech wood sandals. Pescura is renowned worldwide and appreciated for its comfort and unique style. Comfort and reliability are just two of the strong points of the Scholl Professional Line which has been protecting the feet of workers for many years.

The Scholl Comfort Plus Collection offers a wide assortment of products designed to meet the requirements of people with very delicate feet as well as people that need good arch support at their feet to avoid tired feet and sore ankles. Foot health is a major factor when Scholl designs and makes their shoes. So, you can be rest assured when you get a pair of Scholl shoes as your feet will be on the cloud nine!

Here’s a simple breakdown of Scholl shoes:

  • Ballet flats & flats
  • Sandals
  • Heels
  • Flip flops
  • Slippers
  • Sneakers
  • Clog
  • Mens

Five reasons why you should get Scholl shoes

Here’s why you need Scholl shoes:

  1. Comfort — the major selling-point of Scholl shoes, your feet will thank you (well your whole body will eventually too) when you slip into these comfortable pair.
  2. Durable — made with high quality materials, Scholl shoes will last quite a long time if well taken care of.
  3. Affordable — Scholl shoes are affordably priced and for that maximum amount of comfort, it’s really priceless!
  4. Unique — Scholl shoes (once ugly) have its own unique charm as compared to other shoes on the market, a pair of these will definitely catch attention among a crowd of shoe pile.
  5. COMFORT — yes, Scholl has mastered the perfect formula in making comfortable shoes, so you don’t need any more reasons besides that to own a pair or two.

Scholl shoes that compliments comfort with style

The Scholl Collections are dedicated to those looking for shoes providing maximum comfort, without foregoing an innovative and trendy look. Recently featured on the Marc Jacobs runway. Scholl shoes have converted even fashionistas to love their shoe range with its comfort.

Studies today also show that millennials (people born between 1980-2000) actually prefer to own a pair of comfortable shoes like Scholl shoes rather than stylish/branded shoes from Marc Jacobs. They want comfortable occupational shoes that they can wear for work in the day as well as in the evening for hangouts and after work parties.

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