Can you imagine life without electricity? So many appliances and devices that we rely on today run on electricity. Schneider Electric Malaysia ensures that you can get all the electricity you require with its reliable inventory of products. Find out more about Schneider Electric Malaysia below.

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Schneider Electric – Your One-Stop Power Solutions Provider

We are living in a modern era where we are blessed with highly-advanced technology. However, no matter how high-tech these devices and appliances are, they still operate with electricity. Hence, a reliable power management provider is needed to regulate the electricity supply. Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and automation. Schneider Electric develops connected technologies that offer safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions to manage and process energy.

Schneider has an extensive array of products that can be used for home, business, and industrial needs. The company also undergoes regular R&D to sustain innovation and differentiation to ensure that its products can cater to the needs of its consumers. With its products, Schneider Electric innovates to ensure sustainable energy is accessible to everyone.

Products for Home and Small Businesses Usage

Through its innovative products, Schneider Electric delivers safety and convenience to its consumers. Whether you are a homemaker or an owner of a small business, you can benefit from these products:

Switches and Sockets

Schneider Electric offers light switches and power outlets that suit all interiors and exteriors effortlessly. Its sockets are also waterproof so that they can withstand extreme weather conditions, perfect to be installed in Malaysia where the weather can be quite unpredictable. Moreover, being waterproof also means that they reduce the risks of being electrocuted when you unintentionally use them when your hands are wet.

Security Systems

Ensuring that your safety is always the number one priority, Schneider Electric also has top-of-the-line security systems that you can install at home or office. The brand offers door entry systems that come with intercoms and telephones for you to communicate with visitors verbally before opening the door. Other than door entry systems, other products that are available in this category include smoke detectors, or motion sensors. By fixing these security features, you can go on with life with peace of mind as you know that your safety is in good hands.

Smart Home Solutions

Ever dreamt of having a smart home? Schneider Electric turns those dreams into reality with its home automation solutions. Amongst its home automation products, the Wiser Home Control package is its most sought-after product. Wiser Home Control interlinks electrical, multimedia, and telecommunications systems via a singular user-friendly solution by using TCP/IP or Wi-Fi. This enables you to monitor, control, and access your home and office beyond physical boundaries anytime, anywhere via your smartphone or computer. Moreover, Wise Home Control also provides better energy-efficiency as it comes with time scheduling, scene control and power monitoring functions that you can access remotely as well.

Other home automation products offered by Schneider Electric include standalone temperature control systems, lighting controls, etc.

Electrical Protection and Control

Schneider Electric Malaysia brings to you Acti 9 – and innovative, smart, efficient, and reliable low-power distribution system that enable you to control the electrical input. This complete system is scalable and improves energy-efficiency, reducing wastage while delivering the performance you require daily. Schneider Electric applies the Acti 9 technology in the form of circuit breakers, surge protection devices, and residual current devices.

Network Infrastructure and Connectivity

We live in a fast-developing world whereby staying connected to the Internet has become indispensable. In fact, we regard stable connectivity as a natural part of live and has basically become as essential as power and water supply. The high-performance network connectivity products offered by Schneider Electric ensure that your need for fast and reliable Internet connection is fulfilled. Enjoy seamless online gaming, live streaming, and high-speed downloads with Schneider Electric ’s LexCom Home network solution. The components cover all functions to meet the high expectations on network features in a modern home.

Smartlink ELEC

Schneider Electric Malaysia also enables you to run your businesses more efficiently by enabling you to stay connected to your electrical installation. For businesses that rely heavily on electrical-powered equipment such as restaurants, bakeries, etc., the ability for owners to continuously monitor the electrical installation is vital. You can monitor and control the electrical circuit directly from your smartphone, thanks to the Acti 9 Smartlink ELEC technology offered by the brand.

Smartlink ELEC converts your electric switchboard into a communicating system as the software picks up installation information and delivers the data to the cloud for analysis and processing. Owners will be able to view actionable data right from your smartphone and take the necessary steps to rectify any issues and operate your business more efficiently. Smartlink ELEC provides 24/7 real time connection to the electrical installation or enhanced safety and more efficient energy management.