Graphic cards are an important aspect for every gamer out there, as it processes better visuals for a more stunning gaming experience. Get the best graphic cards from Sapphire Malaysia and take a look at some of the top products below!

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Best products from Sapphire Malaysia

Founded on the high rise of the year of 2001 in Hong Kong, Sapphire Technology focuses all of its entirety of its manufacturing on graphic cards to be installed on various workstations, personal computers, motherboards, LCDTVs, TV tuner cards, and digital audio players. What started of as a graphic enhancement to products in the PC sector, is now expanded into the Professional and Embedded market sectors in terms of product line-up and services. Sapphire Technologies deems itself as the preferred choice of graphic cards due to its focus on performance, innovation, and value for money. Here are some of the best products that the brand has to offer!

AMD Radeon and ATI

Compared to their competitors, particularly in the gaming industry, Sapphire has upped their ante by being the first provider to introduce a cooling solution that is silent on fan-less heat-pipe technology. This innovation was heavily and most influentially installed in its ULTIMATE series. Further innovation was the introduction of the revolutionary Vapour Chamber Technology that entails more efficient and quieter cooling to high-performance graphic products with the Vapor-X cooling solutions. Sapphire's Professional Graphics Solutions is one of the successfully expanded venture that landed the company into a bigger and more fruitful market. The sale is of professional graphics products and solutions that are now well-known for high-performance and distinction. The renowned SMD FirePro Workstations work well for computer aided designs, creation of content, and multiple-screen displays for digital signage. With the expertise in mainboards and graphics which includes to capabilities to provide customised solutions paved the way for Sapphire to grow into the embedded business. Sapphire's Embedded Business Unit addresses surveillance and security installations, equipment for medical imaging, and gaming machines. With new products on release from small format mainboards and multi-output graphics solutions, Sapphire is risen to be one of the best companies to provide top-to-bottom solutions for professional graphics.

Among the many products, the R9 Nano, R9 Fury, HD 7000, HD 6000, Nitro, just to name a view are part of the Radeon series which are popular among the average consumer. On the other hand, the Firepro 2D, 3D, and FireMV 2D are popular among more professional customers. As for Sapphire's Embedded Solutions, the brand grant access to a complete and comprehensive line-up of embedded products and services which include motherboards, IPC, EDG cards, network appliances, and industrial motherboards like Retail POS and Kiosks, video surveillance, electronic gaming, and embedded digital signage.

Sapphire Tri-X Radeon R9 FURY series

Sapphire's exciting new GPU that merges the revolutionary high bandwidth memory (HBM) with Graphics Core Next Architecture to produce the smoothest graphical performance you can get on the market! With the new and sophisticated colling solution that was tailor-made for the series, Sapphire's own multi-heatpipe triple fan Tri-X Cooler will add on to the silent attributes of your rig. The other features include Sapphire Performance Index - SPI 5 (Ultra Enthusiast Level for 4K Gaming), 3X DP + 1x HDMI 1.4 Outputs, supports 4 monitors natively, dual UEFI BIOS with MST hub/daisy-chains, and supports AMD FreeSync, VSR, and Liquid VR.

Sapphire ZC400 PCoIP Zero Client

If you are looking for a zero client solution that requires no CPU, operating system, or a hard drive, then the Sapphire ZC400 PCoIP Zero Client is exactly what you need. Designed with a small format, stylish, and a fan-less design which also includes support of 4 HD displays or two ultra-high resolution displays, the ZC400 is also easy to set up and manage. This is best used for remote working with professional design or financial applications. Other notable features of the product are data security, compliance for VMware certificated, full PCoIP support, and cost efficient as there is a cutback in maintenance, power, and upgrade costs.

Sapphire NITRO Radeon R9 380X 4G D5

With the award-winning Dual-X cooler that comes withe dual ball bearings for higher reliability and enhanced Intelligent Fan Control (IFC-II) which shuts off fans during low loads, the NITRO series contributes to consistent performance with the latest GCN architecture. Sapphire's NITRO series fully supports DirectX 12, True Audio, AMD FreeSync, and Ultra HD--making it one of the most powerful and reliable graphics card in the market. You are guaranteed great gaming experience in high detail at 1080p with an entry point for 1440p gaming. NITRO's other substantial features includes a 10mm heat pipe, 16K hours capacitor, AMD eyefinity technology, industry-standard displayport, and AMD liquidVR support.

Upgrade your PC with the latest Radeon hardware or update your professional systems to Sapphire's Zero Client systems for better control of what you can see.