The iconic Hello Kitty is loved by people from all walks of life. Learn about some of the products that Sanrio Malaysia has to offer. Read below to find out which are the top most adorable Sanrio characters.

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Top 10 of the Most Adorable Sanrio Characters

Even though Hello Kitty is the most popular character Sanrio has created; there are other characters that are loved by many as well as they are very adorable in their own ways. If you have been a long time fan of Hello Kitty, We're sure you would love to learn about her other friends! Read on to learn about the top 10 of the most adorable Sanrio characters.

1. Pompompurin

Pompompurin, also known as pudding dog due to the similar colour it bears to a caramel pudding. The adorable character is modelled after a golden retriever and like every dog, gets excited when he hears his owners say “Let’s go out!” and dislike the word “Stay!” His trademark is the brown beret that he always wears on top of his head. Pompompurin is a very laidback dog where his favourite activity involves lots of napping around. However, when he is hanging out with his best friends he enjoys doing ‘purin aerobics’. His top favourite foods are cream caramel puddings prepared by his mum and milk.

2. Tuxedo Sam

Probably one of the best dressed Sanrio character; Tuxedo Sam is always spotted with a bow-tie and wears a round sailor cap. Having the fashion sense of a gentleman, Sam owns a variety of bowties as well as sailor caps. Being brought up in the South Pole, he has learned to speak Penguinese and is also fluent in English. Although his character is slightly naïve and tends to make careless mistakes, he is loved by many regardless. Tuxedo Sam has two other penguin siblings with similar names who are Tam and Ham. He is often seen with his best friend Chip, who is a seal-like character.

3. Bad Badtz Maru

Bad Badtz Maru is another penguin character that is marketed to attract both male and female consumers. His name figuratively means “wrong-correct” in Japanese and is frequently represented by the “XO” symbols. Badtz Maru is the total opposite of Tuxedo Sam as he has a playful personality since he was born on April fool’s day. He is also one of the more staple Sanrio characters that is often featured on various types of products with his signature pose (tongue out while pulling one eye down).

4. Charmmy Kitty

Another popular character is a pet cat owned by Hello Kitty named Charmmy Kitty. They say that owners will eventually look like their pets, which is the case for Charmmy Kitty and Hello Kitty as both of them bear similar features and often get mistaken for each other. The cat was actually a gift from Hello Kitty’s father and she adores anything that is sparkly or shiny. That is also probably the reason why Charmmy wears a key collar that actually opens Hello Kitty’s jewellery box.

5. Cinnamoroll

Inspired by the dessert pastry cinnamon roll, Cinnamoroll is a white puppy with long ears, blue eyes, pink cheeks and a curly tail. It was due to its curly tail that his owner decided to name him Cinnamoroll. His owners own a café named Café Cinnamon where he is seen hanging out there most of the time. Cinnamoroll is also very popular with the customers who frequent the Café. Although his character is shy, he is very friendly and sometimes takes naps on the customers’ laps. Due to his elongated ears, he has the ability to fly through the air by flapping his huge ears.

6. Hello Kitty

This list would not be complete with the ever-popular character, Hello Kitty. It was revealed in 2014 that Hello Kitty was not a cat but an actual human named Kitty White who grew up in the suburbs of London with her parents, George and Mary White. She also has a twin sister named Mimmy who has a more shy personality. Hello Kitty has many hobbies which include travelling, music, reading, making new friends, and eating cookies that her twin sister bakes. She also enjoys having tea parties and exploring.

7. Lloromannic

Probably one of the more interesting characters Sanrio has created, Lloromannic are actually a pair of impish demons named Berry and Cherry. The name Lloromannic is actually the reverse spelling of Cinnamoroll. They live in a mansion far away from Cinnamon Café and often make fun of children in the human world by playing tricks while they sleep. The characters only appear in the human world at night as they fear daytime.

8. Landry

Landry is a character inspired by Laundry where he lives in a washbasin and enjoys washing anything that he can get his hands on! Landry is a boy raccoon with a cheeky personality and his special skill is acrobatics where he utilizes his basin as an item to balance on. He also has an interesting taste in music as he enjoys listening to Mozart. Landry’s other hobbies include dancing, running on top of his tub and taking his best friend Pea (a rubber duck) for walks.

9. Kuromi

Being the rival of My Melody, Kuromi is a white rabbit who is often seen wearing a black jester’s hat printed with a pink skull on the front and a black devil’s tail. Although she may exude a punk and tough image, she is actually very girly and loves a good romantic story. She is also the leader of a biker gang known as Kuromi’s 5. She is the villainous version of My Melody and has become a popular character among the punk and goth culture.

10. My Melody

My Melody often reminds us of the fairytale character Red Riding Hood as she wears a red or pink hood that covers her ears. Some of her hobbies include baking cookies and doing crafts with her mum. Her character is very honest, good-natured, and generally a sweet character. The adorable features of her character are probably the reason why she also enjoys huge popularity in Asia.

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