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SANA Skin Care

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Sana Soy Milk Rich Moisturizing Jelly Mask 5 pcs
RM 52.00 RM 130.10

Brand from Japan: Sana. Soy milk sprinkles and dark gel beauty care mask. Smooth gel penetrates into the stratum corneum, thick moisturizing. Moisture filled, plump moisture continues. 5 roles with 1 piece. After washing the face, finished with this one: lotion / beauty care cream, milky lotion, cream, pack. Recommended at times like this: When you want to moisten more than usual. For beautiful makeup on important days. When you want to do special care quickly. Give elasticity and moisture to the inner side of the bare skin, and lead to plump moisture. Smooth Honpo original smooth concentration process: Soymilk fermented liquid (moisturizing ingredient) contains isoflavone. Soybean seed extract (moisturizing component). Vegetable collagen: soy protein (moisturizing component). No fragrance, coloring, non mineral oil. How to use: Remove the mask from the bag and spread it. Open the top and bottom of the mask that is folded in half and then spread it sideways. The eyes of the mask are folded back outward. After aligning the mask to the eyes, attach to the position of the forehead and mouth, make close contact with your face. It is more effective if you apply the gel essence that remains in the bag to your skin from the top of the mask. Peel off the mask for 20 minutes and allow the essence remaining on your skin to well spread. Recommend that you use one or two times a week.

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Sana Soy Milk Toner 豆乳化妆水 200ml
RM 49.00

SANA Soy Milk Toner 【豆乳化妆水】SANA豆乳美肌化妆水200ml 《女人我最大》推荐品牌 SANA 平价效果又好!CP值很高喔!! 清爽型、浓润 适合中干性、敏感性皮肤 无香料、无着色、无矿物油 日本销售NO.1的人气护肤品系列,纯天然制造,不添加香料、色素、矿物油的优质配方,所以再敏感的皮肤都可以放心用,美白,保湿二合一,在日本,港台地区,这个系列常常卖断货! ★每个人都知道日本ㄉ女孩及仕女妈妈们ㄉ皮肤,都是又白又嫩。除了拜饮食习惯之外,平常ㄉ保养是占了最大的部份哟!而日本市面上琳琅满目ㄉ保养品中,又属纯天然ㄉ保养品,是被现代日本街头美眉们所肯定ㄉ哟! ★本商品特别添加胶原蛋白及纯天然豆腐萃取物(大豆异黄酮素)处方研制而成,据说有让美眉们ㄉ肌肤变得细致白皙,促进肌肤的深层渗透力来达到美肤的效果。 ★加入胶原蛋白跟纯天然豆腐萃取物研制而成,可以让皮肤变得细腻白皙,有效美肤。 ★属于纯天然的保养品,无香料、无矿物油、无着色。 ◆这款化妆水使用起来清爽不黏腻,并具有修整肌肤纹理的效果,大豆发酵液中含有保湿成分可带给肌肤滋润,使肌肤保持水嫩弹力并让肌肤白拋拋细绵绵唷 ◆因采用大豆的卵磷脂萃取液,使得肌肤拥有弹力、滋润及通透ㄉ功效。 ◆在日本这个可是销售第一的,很多日本MM都推崇的牌子!您也来感受一下,日本手工制作之天然保养品的独特魅力吧 使用说明 洁面后使用,取适量于在化妆棉上再清拍于脸上。轻拍脸部,可促进吸收。 适合肌肤类型:干性,中性,混合性肌肤,敏感性肌肤,缺水,发红,肤色发黄,有斑点和暗疮印都适用。

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SANA Skin Care Malaysia

 You can choose between several different types of SANA Skin Care such as Face Skin Care, Eye Skin Care and Foot Care.  SANA Skin Care today are sold in either Red and Beige. With discounts up to 59%, you can now have your very own SANA Skin Care! Soy Milk Cream 50g, Soy Milk Light Toner 200ml and Soy Milk Cream (50g), are the two most popular SANA Skin Care from the brand.', louis will, innisfree and Missha are some of the many options you have if you are not sure about SANA Skin Care. For a RM 33.00-RM 252.00 price range , you can get yourself a brand new SANA Skin Care on iPrice!