Always staying ahead of the latest trends, cosmetic brand Sana are made for those who are fashion-conscious and want to look good. Products offered by Sana in Malaysia is unique and high-quality. Scroll below to learn more about their products.


Best Beauty Products by Sana in Malaysia

Japan is a country famous for its unusual traditions and unique culture. Cosmetics such as Sana in Malaysia can also be attributed to the distinctive features of the land of the rising sun. Look good from head to toe with the products offered by this popular Japanese drugstore brand.


Most of the products in the Sana skincare line are infused with Isoflavones which is known as a component found in soybeans. It is an effective skin care ingredient to create soft, supple skin. The products are loved by customers of all ages as it gives users a luxurious feel provided by the natural ingredients. The Nameraka Honpo has sold more than 100,000,000 units since its debut in 2004. This skincare line has a vast range of products that include cleansing wash, sheet masks, face lotion, anti-aging creams and many more.

Another skincare line made with natural ingredient is the Honeyshca line which has luxurious skincare products that are made with honey. There is a total of 5 products in this range which is the cleansing gel, facial soap, all-in-one serum, all-in-one gel, and lip jelly. Sana also has a rich moisturizing anti-aging skincare line for women in their fifties and above. The good aging lotion and cream has high-moisturizing isoflavone properties that makes the skin elastic and supple.


One of Sana’s most popular makeup brand is Maikohan which blends reality and textures for the woman of today while embodying the techniques and spirit of “Maiko-san”. The products are made to achieve porcelain skin which is popular among Japanese and Korean women. The products in this line are mostly base makeup which includes face powder, bb cream, and bb powder that comes in dainty shades of pink beige, sheer pink, and sheer beige. All the products have UV protection ranging from SPF15 PA++ to SPF35 PA+++.

Sana is also known for the eyeliner and mascara brands such as exlash which features waterproof mascaras for volumized eyelashes. On the other hand, power style features an eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow pencil that is resistant to sweat, sebum, and rubbing.

Body Care

Not everyone is blessed to have good skin and it requires lots of patience to achieve it. Thankfully, Sana’s total body care line, Esteny, has just the products to help speed up the process. The products target various skin problems such as dull skin, acne-prone, sagging skin, and so on. There is also a body refining line that helps to fight acne-prone skin. The body refining lotion helps to skin becomes silky smooth with the effect of disinfectant. Other than that, the body refining shampoo helps minimize the appearance of pimples on the body.

Hair Care

Sana’s medical scalp series helps nurture a healthy scalp and focuses on various scalp problems such as dandruff, oily scalp, dry scalp, and thin hair. Target each problem with a shampoo and conditioner.