Samyang is a noodle brand from Korea famous for its extremely spicy instant noodles. It became viral after an internet challenge was created where people must eat the Samyang spicy noodles as fast as possible. Find out more about Samyang noodle products from Korea in the article below.


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Samyang Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

What does Samyang mean?

According to Getz Bros., Sam in the Korean language means three and it represents heaven, earth, and mankind. Meanwhile, Yang in the Korean language means nutrition. So when combined, the word Samyang can mean abundant nutrition through wholesome food.

Is Samyang Halal?

Samyang holds a Halal certification granted by Jakim. Different countries would have different Halal standards so if you’re travelling outside of Malaysia, inspect the region’s Samyang noodles for a Halal sigil printed on the packaging.

What are all the Samyang spicy ramen flavours?

  • Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen
  • Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen 2x Spicy
  • Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen Cheese
  • Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen Ice
  • Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen Stew
  • Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen Curry
  • Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen Mala
  • Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen Carbonara
  • Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen Jjajang

If you visit Korea, there’s a wider variety of instant ramen from Tomato Paste ramen, Corn ramen, and Kimchi ramen.

Which Samyang is the spiciest?

The current spiciest Samyang instant ramen is the Hek Buldak Extra Spicy Roasted Chicken Ramen or the 2x Spicy Ramen. Also known as the nuclear noodles, it has a Scoville rating of 8,000 units and it is twice as spicy as the original Hot Chicken Ramen.

Which Samyang is the least spicy?

If you don’t have a high tolerance for spiciness, you can opt for other flavours of Samyang ramen. Some of the less spicy flavours are Samyang Carbonara Hot Chicken Flavour, Samyang Cheese Hot Chicken Flavour, Mala Hot Chicken Flavour, and Stew Type Hot Chicken Flavour.

How can I make my Samyang noodles taste better?

To upgrade your Samyang experience, you can opt to include a variety of toppings in your ramen. You can add more cheese to lessen the spiciness, rice cake from Korea or tteokbokki, sausages, veggies, corn, and more.

What other products does Samyang have?

As a large food manufacturer in Korea, Samyang Food has more than just spicy noodle. Other products from Samyang include cup noodles, crackers, chips, milk, soy sauce, and the spicy signature Samyang sauce.

What is the price of Samyang in Malaysia?

Depending on how many packs you get, the price of Samyang noodle costs between RM8 up to RM140 for a bundle or carton. You can easily purchase Samyang noodle and sauces in a grocery store near you or online through stores like Shopee and Lazada.