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A company as large as Samsung has many different branding under the giant umbrella, and the Samsung Galaxy is just one of these many brand names. All of Samsung's mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are placed under the Samsung Galaxy line.

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Samsung Galaxy

Samsung, tech giant

Everyone knows Samsung, it does not matter whether you know them for their large range of electrical home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines; their massive television sets and its accompanying speakers, or even their gorgeous smartphones. In fact, Samsung is such a large company that they produce almost everything under the sun – did you know they make cars in their home, Korea, as well?

The giant Samsung started in the late 1930s as a trading company, and 30 years later it ventured into various industries such as retailing, food processing, and even textiles. However, their fame in electronics today began only in the 1960s when Samsung entered the electronics industry – they mainly produced and developed mobile phones and semiconductors. Ask anyone today about Samsung, and they will tell you all about their smartphones.

It should also be noted that Samsung acts as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for other companies as well, providing mobile components and hardware for other smartphone companies such as Apple.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones

If there is one thing must be said about Samsung phones – it must be the fact that they produce an amazingly large lineup of smartphones each year. Samsung's large line of phones aim to cater to every single need and market, making them a formidable force in the mobile device business. They have everything, from the entry-level smartphones, to mid-ranged smartphones, and of course, their high-end flagship devices. Most of these smartphones and also tablets are all placed under the Samsung Galaxy brand of smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy name is the name given to a series of Samsung smartphones and tablet product lines. There are several different product lines under the Samsung Galaxy brand itself:

  • Galaxy S: High-end flagship smartphones by Samsung.
  • Galaxy Note: A line of tablets and high-end flagship phablets with styluses.
  • Galaxy Tab: Samsung's line of computer tablets, from the mid-range to higher-end specs.
  • Galaxy A: Mid-range devices, but are placed on the higher spec and price spectrum.
  • Galaxy J: Low-range to mid-range devices, mostly affordable and decent smartphones.

All devices under the Samsung Galaxy brand typically features the Android operating system by Google, and then placed under an overlay of Samsung's proprietary user interface: TouchWiz. However, the latest Samsung Galaxy TabPro S runs Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. Some Samsung smartphones also run on their own proprietary TizenOS operating system.

Samsung Galaxy S

No mention of Samsung smartphones can be completed without the mention of their flagship Galaxy S line of smartphones. Every year sees a Samsung Galaxy S flagship model being released, as well as any particular variants such as the previous Samsung S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus. Smartphones in the Galaxy S line, being flagships, are packed with all of the best technology that Samsung can put in, be it fingerprint sensors, curved screens, or even a tiny liquid heat-pipe in the Samsung Galaxy S7 for a form of liquid cooling.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note line of phablets and tablets are another range of products that no one can ever ignore when it comes to Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Note line revolutionized the advent of the stylus, making it pressure sensitive as well as responsive. The stylus is so well made that it feels like you are writing on a piece of paper with a real pen!

Samsung makes a lot of products, but unlike other companies with diverse product lines, the Samsung Galaxy smartphones are not unimpressive – the smartphones and tablets are strong on many different fronts, display, performance, and more.

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