Samsonite bags are highly sought after because of its durability and quality. Their bags may come with a bit pricey price tag but they're definitely worth every penny. Samsonite bags offer more than durability, find out here to know more about it.


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Samsonite Bags Malaysia: Your Life Long Luggage Buddy

For your day to day needs, bags is one of the essentials; it gives you the capability to carry around the things that you need, with style and ease. Samsonite bags Malaysia are manufacturer of high quality bags and luggage for almost 100 years now, and they're leading the competition in this niche.

About Samsonite Malaysia

Samsonite is a world known label that manufactures and retails a wide range of bags, from large suitcases to small toiletries bag, and most especially luggage. It first hailed in Denver Colorado in the year 1910, founded by Jesse Shawyder. He used to be a salesman turned businessman, and being religiously inclined, he named the first bag that he's made as "Samson," a bibical strongman. The name represents strength and durability, which is teh Characteristic of the persona that it's based from. In 1941, it took on the name Samsonite. Since the dawn of this brand, it has shown the world the "strength" and "durability" of its products with their outstanding bags and luggage.

Why Samsonite Bags?

Samsonite is a big name when it comes to bags, and it cannot be denied that it's among the preferred brand by many. Their products have been patronized since the brand's beginning, mainly because of the following reasons:


Samsonite bags are without a doubt durable, mainly because they are built to last and they are built to withstand most conditions that people encounter when travelling. Samsonite bags are built to last.


Samsonite bags are made of fine and high quality materials. Not only is it built to last, but it is also built for comfort and elegance.


The designs are of Samsonite bags are simple yet elegant. If you're looking for a bag that is no non-sense but it trendy, Samsonite bags are designed to have an sophisticated urban yet adventurous look.


It cannot be denied that Samsonite bags are a bit pricey, however in the long turn it is credited to your own benefit. Why? Durability comes with a price, it may seem a bit more than the other, but at the end of the road, Samsonite bags will last with you for a lifetime.

Samsonite Bags Collection

Samsonite may be well known for its top of the class luggage, however their product line is not just limited to that. They also make bags for your day to day use, and those that you wear with you for whatever occassion.

Laptop Bags

To date, Samsonite has a total of 9 series of laptop bags and they are as follows:

    • Savio Leather
    • Essence Pro
    • Viz Air Plus
    • City Vibe
    • Business SPL
    • GuardIT
    • UrbanArc
    • Mover LTH
    • PRO DLX 4
    • Ladies Bags
    • Backpacks

These laptop bags are designed and crafted to address different occasion and style. Whether it's just a trip to a coffee shop or a meeting with your clients, you can always stay in style with Samsonite Laptop Bags.

Ladies Bags

Samsonite bags are made to provide total functionality and bag that would last long, that is why it the least priority for the brand to launch a wide array of styles and designs every now and then. With that being said, their ladies' bag only offers two series:

    • City Air

This offers 3 different types of bag: back pack, shopping bag and a hobo bag. These bags helm a timeless design, so ladies need not to worry about going out of style.

    • Mooval

The Mooval series has 2 types of bags to offer: a backpack and a shoulder bag that comes in 3 different sizes. These bags are very straightforward in terms of design, which is meant to serve its purpose.


Samsonite Backpacks have a wide range of series to choose from, they are as follows:

    • Viz Air
    • Albi
    • Torus
    • Avant
    • Casual
    • Cityscape
    • City Groove

Their backpacks are meant to provide different functionality, some are semi laptop bags while some are just plain bags that could just carry any of your stuff. Of course, their backpacks are also trendy, so it definitely won't fail your OOTD.