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When you talk about backpacks and travel bags, Samsonite Malaysia is one of the best brands you could own and use. Known for quality and functional storage, Samsonite gives you the best bags and backpacks whether you are travelling, hiking, or simply carrying your day-to-day essentials. Scroll down below to view available backpacks online or click here to know how to choose the perfect backpack for you.

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Great Adventures with Samsonite Backpacks

Samsonite Malaysia is one of the most trusted and recognized travel brands with a wide range of products from large luggage to the smallest toiletry bags and briefcases. The brand was first established in 1910 in Denver, Colorado. As a religious man, the founder - Jesse Schwayder, named Samsonite after the Bible’s Samson, but it wasn’t until in 1966 that the company changed its name to Samsonite. Today, the brand is a popular choice for travellers and backpackers because of its durable, high-quality bags. So if you are gunning for excellent, stylish, and secure pack for your travels, choose Samsonite.

Reasons to love Samsonite backpacks

Samsonite is a great choice for backpacks. Whether you want to use it for travel, or simply to carry your daily essentials for school or work, Samsonite would certainly do the job. Here are reasons why you should have a Samsonite backpack in your closet:

  • Compared to other types of bags, a backpack can be carried without using your hands; freeing them for any type of activity you might have.
  • The best thing about Samsonite backpacks is its large compartment plus additional pockets for organization. With a Samsonite backpack, you can carry all your items without hassle.
  • A samsonite backpack has easy gripping, and ergonomic straps to support and reduce backpain while carrying it for long periods of time.
  • Another reason to love a Samsonite backpack is its sporty and professional design. It’s simple, subtle, and great for all occasions.

Samsonite backpack collections for you

Samsonite backpacks has been in service for more than 100 years old and counting. Along with their vast industry experience, the brand has designed and manufactured some of the best backpacks for you.

  • Samsonite Xenon 2
  • Samsonite Tectonic
  • Samsonite MVS Spinner

How to choose the right Samsonite backpack

Samsonite has some of the best travel bags in Malaysia. So if you love to go on adventures and travel, here are tips on how to choose the right Samsonite backpack:

  • Choose a backpack that would fit all your items whether for travel or daily use. Samsonite has one of the best selections when it comes to backpacks ranging from small, medium, and large travel bags.
  • Choose a backpack which has added features. From waist straps, waterproof fabric, down to specialized compartments, it’s always great to have a bag with added features.
  • Choose a backpack which fits your torso length, not your height. This adds more comfort, and support while avoiding backpains and strains while carrying it for long periods of time.

Take a quick look at available Samsonite backpacks online here or check out other brands such as Dakine, Delsey, Tumi, American Tourister, and more! Enjoy your adventures with the best backpack; enjoy it with Samsonite.