If you are a big fan of the latest shoes and bags, then you have heard about Salvatore Ferragamo’s exciting collection of leather goods and accessories! Classic, world class, and simply irresistable, every fashionista should have a Salvatore Ferragamo piece in their wardrobe. Check out our selection of Salvatore Ferragamo bags below or click here to know more about the many types of bags you can get from the brand.

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The Hottest Bags from Salvatore Ferragamo Malaysia

Well known for its exciting collection of shoes, worn by many celebrities on the red carpet and in the big screen, Salvatore Ferragamo is a great choice when it comes to leather goods such as bags and shoes. Since 1923, this Italian-made brand has been credited for creating the very first wedge shoe from a block of cork. Aside from that, Salvatore Ferrragamo is a brand well-known for their fine leather pieces such as bags and accessories. If you are looking for a brand with top quality and a wide selection og bags, then Salvatore Ferragamo Malaysia will surely satiate your need for the hottest bags.

Why choose Salvatore Ferragamo

  • A brand with superior craftsmanship, Salvatore Ferragamo ensures high quality items that would last years; your Salvatore Ferragamo bags is worth your money, down to the last cent.
  • If you are up for the latest trends in fashion, then Salvatore Ferragamo wouldn’t et you down with their latest collections for the season! Keep your closet up to date with the hottest in the fashion industry with Salvatore Ferragamo Malaysia!
  • Salvatore Ferragamo is a choice for many celebrities such as actor Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper, actress Jessica Alba, Zoey Deschannel, Kate Beckinsale, Blake Lively, popstar diva Jennifer Lopez, supermodel Jessica Hart, and the list just goes on!

Types of bags you can get from Salvatore Ferragamo

Among the best items you can get from Salvatore Ferragamo are their exciting selection of bags that would make you look more fabulous! From the biggest totes and duffel bags to the smallest clutch and wallets, Salvatore Ferragamo has the perfect bag for you.


These are your day to day bags that you carry to school or work. Characterized by its rectangular shape, totes can be carried by hand or by shoulder. The best thing about totes is that you can use it anywhere from dusk until dawn and still look classy, plus it’s medium-sized compartment make it ideal for day to day use. Totes like the Salvatorre Ferragamo Mika, Emmy, Amy, and Mandy totes would definitely fit your lifestyle.

Sling bags

Almost similar to totes in compartment size but instead of having two straps, a sling bag has one long strap which is hanged from the shoulder or all away around your body. Sling bags are an edgy yet casual addition to your closet. Among the many collection of sling bags from Salvatore Ferragamo include Gelly, Ginny,Fiamma, and Carrie.

Clutch bags

Perhaps the smallest type of bag, clutch bags are the type of bags that are recommended to bring to parties, events, and gatherings. It has a small compartment, enough to carry items such as a phone, wallet, and small beauty products. When it comes to clutch bags, Salvatorre Ferragamo has the Vara, and May collections to choose from.

Shop online for the hottest Salvatore Ferragamo bags!

Aside from bags, Salvatore Ferragamo also has a selection og wallets and small leather goods that would look perfect on your outfit. Take a look at our selection of available Salvatore Ferragamo bags here and shop with iprice!