Tired of not being able to find an affordable bag that can last throughout the seasons? Then have a look at Saime! A brand that originated from Taiwan, Saime offers inexpensive, functional bags that will go well with most outfits and will definitely last for a long time! Click here to learn more about the brand!


Saime Malaysia: A Bag Like No Other

Saime Malaysia: Functional, Fashionable, Affordable

There are only two things in the world that women would go crazy about: shoes and bags. While fashionable shoes can be found widely, it is a little more difficult to find stylish bags that are functional while also being inexpensive. With that in mind, designers from Saime decided to create highly functional, totally trendy, inexpensive bags.

Saime is a brand that originated from Taiwan. But its name is French and means ‘Love Yourself’ with the hope as well as trust that their customers will love themselves more than others. Saime is a rather new fashion brand to the market, but it has shown that its products and designs are of the highest quality and trendy to be noticed by fashion bloggers around the globe.

At first, the brand could only be found in Taiwan. But that changed in 2014, when the brand decided to brand out to Malaysia. The products were mainly sold via the brand’s online site. As popularity for its products grew, the brand opened its very first flagship store in Malaysia in year 2016. Since then, the brand has gained much attention and has grown its customer base.

Saime Malaysia: Beautiful Versatility

The core belief of Saime is to deliver inexpensive luxury goods to their customers as they know that it is difficult for most to pay so much to own a bag or purse/wallet from luxury brands like Prada or Louis Vuitton. Each bag/purse/wallet is designed to fulfil their customer’s unique style, personality and needs. While their products may be affordable, Saime does not skimp on quality just to get the profits that they need as they believe in giving their customers the ability to buy beautiful, fashionable, functional bags/wallets/purses when shopping with them. While the brand does offer a couple of wallets for men, their sole focus is still on giving women what they want and need.

Among the many products that they have to offer for women, here are a few that we feel may be of interest to you:

  • Saime Christina Crystal Tote Bag (L): This bag features a simple, versatile design that is available in a variety of colours and is perfect for use to the office or for shopping trips to the mall. It has fine crystal embellishments for a sparkly, eye catching look. The bag comes with an adjustable handle for your convenience.
  • Saime Holly Mini Coin Purse: A miniature version of the Holly Sling Bag (S), this coin purse is not only handy for storing your coins, but can serve as a beautiful accessory for your bag. Its size is just perfect for storing business cards, receipts, coins and so much more. This coin purse is available in a variety of colours to suit your preference.
  • Saime Joan Wallet with Zipper Closure (L): Tired of running out of space to keep all your cards and money? Then this wallet would be the perfect size for you! With 13 compartments to keep all your cards, receipts, money and coins! If you decide that your wallet is all you need, then use it as a bag as the wallet comes with a detachable, adjustable bag strap for your preference.
  • Saime Monica Phone Pouch: Going for a classy lunch/dinner date? Then use this phone pouch to store your valuables without the need of carrying a large handbag with you! It even comes with a detachable strap so that you can turn the pouch into a little bag-like clutch purse. It comes with several compartments so that you can neatly arrange your essentials.
  • Saime Amelie Backpack (S): Looking for a backpack that is femininely-stylish and functional? Then this backpack is perfect for you! Available in many duotone colour options, you will be able to find just the one you need to complement your outfit. The backpack comes with multiple compartments to safely and neatly store away your essentials.
  • Saime Joan Boston Bag: A perfectly-sized, stylish bag that would be great for any fashionable office lady, this bag comes with various compartments to safely store your cards and phones. Its vintage design makes it very versatile and worthwhile addition to your collection of bags.
  • Saime Holly Backpack (M): If you are looking for something feminine and yet totally unique, then this backpack is the one for you! It features the same design as the Holly Sling Bag (S), just that it is in the form of a backpack. Its design makes it perfect for formal use to the office or for casual days out with friends.

Saime Malaysia: Inexpensive Luxury

Satisfy your dreams and desire for a fashionable handbag with these awesome products from Saime that we have to offer! Take a look at these feminine Saime Handbags for something that can be used for work and for play or look at Saime Backpack for a backpack that you can bring with you on your vacations. The options are endless with these pretty, versatile products from Saime!