Safety shoes may not seem like the most important item compared to protective eyewear or gloves in terms of workplace safety, but footwear actually provides many benefits. People who work in hazardous conditions, in particular, should definitely invest in safety footwear such as with Safety Jogger Malaysia. Click here to learn more about their products.

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How safety shoes protect you

When it comes to shoes for a dangerous workplace, we instantly think of steel toe boots. Other than that, there are actually many types of shoes that assist in making the job safer. Traction, arch support, and insulation are some of the benefits of a safety shoe. To find out which safety shoe is the ideal type for your workplace, it is necessary to do a hazard check in order to determine what are the risks involved. This is because; foot injuries are debilitating which can result in time away from work. So before you go on and purchase your footwear, learn about some of the ways safety shoes protect you.

Protect from sharp objects and cutting hazards

There is a possibility of workers stepping on sharp objects or getting struck by sharp objects from above. Most of the safety shoes are made with heavy-duty soles and thick material that surrounds the foot. These features offer the best protection, avoiding any punctures and consequently preventing any foot injuries. During the manufacturing process, the shoe is often executed with a puncture-resistant plate that is built into it. It should be able to endure at least a 270-pound force. Additionally, if the insoles of the puncture-resistant shoe are metal, it must pass a corrosion resistance test. On the other hand, a workplace that operates machinery can pose cutting hazards. Under the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards, it is best to pick safety boots that are made with cut-resistant materials that will protect from all cutting hazards.

Protect from electric hazards

Every workplace needs electricity to properly operate. However, electricity poses a variety of risks in the workplace where workers could potentially get electrocuted or build up static electricity. The sole and heel of a safety shoe can be made in a way that reduces the chances of electricity coming into contact with the foot. The common materials used are such as leather, rubber or other non-conductive materials. On the other hand, anti-static or conductive footwear should be worn to prevent the accumulation of static on the body. The way the shoe works is that it helps to dissipate static electricity from the body to the ground.

Protect from accidents

Accidents such as slipping, tripping, and falling over can happen in any workplace. To reduce the risks of these mishaps, workplaces may implement measures by installing anti-slip floor tape. Additionally, wearing safety shoes can also protect against accidents. Safety shoes with proper traction can help prevent falls in slippery environments. Accidents do not only happen on flat ground as falling from ladders are also a common occurrence especially when people do not have proper safety shoes on. The size of the shoes is an important factor as it can improve balance,
subsequently preventing slipping, tripping, and falling.

Prevent aching feet

Standing all day on the job can take a toll on your body especially your feet. Feet fatigue is a nuisance due to muscles in the feet, legs, back, and other parts of the body become too tired. Furthermore, not wearing the proper footwear can actually worsen the symptoms. It is recommended to get safety shoes which provide adequate cushioning and arch support that will ideally lessen the strain on muscles. Workers will easily get fatigued if the muscles are constantly strained. Therefore, with proper footwear, workers are able to be less fatigued and more alert.

Prevent burns

When working in a hazardous environment, there are chances of getting burns from fire, chemicals and other common workplace materials like cement. Chemical resistant shoes are usually made from leather or synthetic materials and can prevent burns and chemical splashes that may injure the skin on the feet when it comes into direct contact.

Protect against extreme weather

Weather related injuries are much more common than we put it to be. Frostbite and hypothermia are the usual injuries that can happen during cold weather. These dangers should not be taken lightly especially in the workplace. It is not only a risk to work outside during the winter but also in wet or refrigerated environments. So by keeping the feet warm and comfortable with safety shoes, it helps to ideally keep the body warm as well. Make sure to pick the right footwear that is made with insulated materials to prevent against the cold, snow, and rain. It would be better to combine the footwear with insulated socks as well.

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