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Featuring a full range of high performing gaming gear, Sades emphasizes the values of bang for buck products so that everyone can enjoy its advantages in gaming. Read more about Sades Malaysia here.

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Sades SA-807
RM 60.00
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SADES SA807 Gaming Headsets Microphone Headphones For PC Laptop New Xbox one PS4 Mac iPad iPod (Black&Green) Feature: It is a video gaming headset with flexible microphone to pick up voice clearly. It is applicable to Laptop / PC / XBOX ONE ( 2015 Version ) / PS4 / Mobile Devices. With good quality materials and production technology, the BPOWER headband is padded and durable. The ear muffs are skin-friendly and comfortable to wear with over-ear design and soft cushion. Specification: 1.Loudhailer diameter:40mm(NdFeB) 2.Frequency range: :20-20.000Hz 3.Sensitivity:118+/-3dB at 1kHz 4.Impedance:32 Ohm at 1khz 5.Max Input power:30mW (maximum) 6.Mic Dimension:6.0*5.0mm 7.Plug:3.5mm 8.Mic Sensitivity:-54dB +/- 3 dB 9.Magnet size:15.5 x 2.0mm 10.Cable length:Approx.2.2m Package Content: 1 x SA807gaming headset 1 x 3.5mm jack cable 1 to 2 Note: SADES SA807 gaming headset only supports the new version XBOX ONE controller which has 3.5mm 4-pin stereo headset jack.You need extra Microsoft Adapter(Not including) when Connect to your old Xbox One controller. This item don't include the adapter for xbox 360 SADES SA807 gaming headset is compatible with PS4, PC, Mobile Phones When this headset connects to Xbox and game controller, the headset is for talking with teammates in the Game Battle,cannot hear the game background sound. If you want to hear the sound from the game,you need to have an additional audio adapter or connect it to TV(if your TV has headphones output). Read more

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Sades Malaysia - Sowing Seeds Of Superiority

Where there is game, there is Sades. Just as gamers require dedicated gaming gear, so too Sades proves to be equal to the task of designing gaming gear that delivers maximum performance at minimal cost. For extra competitive edge in dominating your games, Sades gaming products are your trusted companions as they are packed with many awesome perks that improve your gaming experience in terms of performance. Even if you are just casual gamers, Sades products will transform your gaming experience to be immersive and memorable at the same time. After all, Sades is very interested in sowing seeds of superiority in every gamer so that you can enjoy another high level of gaming experience.

About Sades Malaysia - Professional For Gaming

Founded in 2014, Sades initially produced gaming headsets only. In just a few years, it eventually developed and designed its own full range of gaming products that include keyboards, mice and others. As of now, Sades products have been used by more than 400 million users around the world. In fact, 30% of them are actually professional players who play for a living. In other words, this shows that the popularity of Sades gaming products goes beyond casual gamers. Since Sades gaming products are already well-known among casual and professional gamers alike, it does not take long for its products to be chosen as the preferred gaming peripherals in international E-sports competitions such as WCG, ESWC, ONG and others.

Despite being relatively unknown until recent years, Sades has been making its mark through its unique offerings in the realm of gaming accessories. Not only that, it is pretty remarkable for a young upstart brand like Sades for being able to climb higher as it quickly amasses its own loyal and huge following of gamers who appreciate highly innovative gaming gear. However, the real reason behind the success of Sades is that the mind and brawn that drive it actually boast 20 years of experience in research and development of headsets. Such wealth of experience and expertise enables Sades to enjoy its well-deserved reputation among gamers. Not surprisingly, even professional gamers also recognize the power and potential of Sades in producing premium quality gaming gear.

Sades Malaysia - Maximizing Your Gaming Performance At Minimal Cost

Boasting its own industrial park and a strong, dedicated team of R&D technicians that come from various fields and disciplines, Sades makes sure that its gaming products to be very exceptional in every aspect. This is because Sades knows that every detail will affect your gaming performance. Not just that, Sades also endeavors to keep the prices of its gaming products to be as low as possible so that every aspiring gamers can enjoy access to its gaming products. Even until now, Sades has been very successful in making gaming products that focus on the needs and desires of every gamers: gaming gear that maximizes your gaming potential and experience at very minimal cost.

Top Sades Malaysia Products That Are Highly Recommended For You

Sades Gaming Headset

Sades SA-708
Proving that high prices does not necessarily mean high quality, Sades SA-708 offers incredible audio experience despite being available at low price. Aside from being surprisingly affordable,Sades SA-708 gives highly commendable audio quality which is truly pleasing to your ears. Sades SA-708 also gives great bass output that will definitely stun you. Framed in a solid yet sophisticated construction,Sades SA-708 possesses excellent build quality that makes it durable and long-lasting as well. Another exciting feature about this Sade gaming headset is that it gives you the true comfort to your ears as its ear cushions just feel right and seemingly fit with your ears. In fact, wearing Sades SA-708 is such a comfortable experience that you can even play and listen for hours without getting your ears hurt in the process.
In addition, Sades SA-708 also sports an excellent microphone that has been strategically placed so that your own breathing will not be able to affect its performance. Thanks to its combination of both price and performance, Sades SA-708 represents the cheaper alternative for gamers who are looking for high quality, low budget gaming headset. Unsurprisingly, Sades SA-708 has been rated as one of the top gaming headsets in several gaming magazines and sites.
Sades SA-738
Boasting even more futuristic gaming headset design than its predecessor above, Sades SA-738 proves to be more amazing as it offers more features that will be enhancing your audio experience. Designed to be your ideal choice in playing games, watching videos and listening to music, Sades SA-738 offers spectacular audio quality that is quite impressive especially when you think about its price.
Similar to its predecessor, Sades is able to continue its tradition of making comfortable gaming headsets as Sades SA-738 literally feels right on your ears. Moreover, you are able to experience its highly detailed and rich audio quality for a long period of time without causing pain or discomfort to your ears as its soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad can attest. Utilizing the new skin PU breathable earmuffs, they allow this Sades headset to release hot gas effectively so that you do not sweat when wearing it for a long time.
Another great thing about Sades SA-738 sports LED lighting that makes it to be more stunning and fashionable at the same time. In order to "power up" your Sades SA-738, you only need to plug its USB cable to the computer. Available in either blue or orange LED lights,Sades SA-738 is truly an awesome gaming headset that you should get.

Sades Gaming Mouse

Sades Flash Wing
Undeniably, the gaming mouse is another essential part of proper gaming gear which provides another layer of immersive gaming experience. As for Sades, it releases Sades Flash Wing as the dedicated gaming mouse that can enhance your gaming experience. Sporting an impressive design that may fool you into thinking it as an premium product, Sades Flash Wing is actually available at bargain price. Despite its name, Sades Flash Wing is not about being flash and showy as it delivers superb performance that makes your gaming experience to be worthwhile.
Outfitted with OMRON switches, Sades Flash Wing is your gaming companion that withstand harsh punishments aside from offering solid yet smooth clicks. Featuring 4 different levels of DPI adjustments, Sades Flash Wing gives you the choice of selecting DPI 800, 1200, 1600 and 2400 so that you can match this Sades gaming mouse with your gaming style. Coming with 6 programmable buttons, Sades Flash Wing offers you the flexibility of customizing your gaming technique and style. Ideally, it is just perfect for those that are looking for great FPS or MOBA gaming mouse.

Sades Gaming Keyboard

Sades K10
When you are searching for compact gaming keyboard that is crafted exclusively for competitive advantage, Sades K10 is the guy that you have been looking all this while. Basically, Sades K10 stands out as mechanical keyboard that promises quick, solid and smooth responses. In addition, it also features individually backlit keys with adjustable lighting to set the tone and mood of your gaming style. Most importantly, Sades K10 boasts fully programmable keys and extra gaming keys with its on-the-fly macro recording so that you can enjoy better gaming performance. Moreover, all of these keys are designed to be non-conflict so that any ghosting problem will not occur; this provides smoother gaming experience that enables you to concentrate on your games without any fuss. Not just that, you can enjoy highly accessible media keys that enable you toutilizeits volume control and media playback functions conveniently.

Sades Malaysia - Let The Games Begin

Scoring well in the two categories of price and performance, Sades products are simply remarkable when you are paying little for lots of gaming advantages, not to mention about totally immersive gaming experience. For latest Sades products, you should take a look at Sade gaming for more finely tuned gaming tools that brings your gaming performance into the next level. Let the games begin and Sades will be your instrument of victory!