The main reason we buy stuff is that we need them and that we need them to simplify our sometimes complicated lives. Rubbermaid products have been doing just that for over 70 years and now can be found in almost every household. Look at its innovative product collection below and click here to learn more about it.


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Innovative and impactful, the Rubbermaid brand has been making high-quality products that help simplify life. From its original line of simple, durable housewares, Rubbermaid has developed a major presence in a wide array of categories ranging from home and garden to seasonal and commercial products. Dubbed as a “Brand of the Century”, Rubbermaid is one of only 100 companies that have created an impact on the American way of life.

About Rubbermaid

Founded in 1930s, this popular housewares manufacturer was once named the Wooster Rubber Company. Later renamed as Rubbermaid, the brand has gone through wars, disputes, exchanges of hands, trials and acquisitions, a whole lot of history to emerge as a strong brand in this century.

The story if origin goes back to in Ohio when nine men pooled their resources to plant the company's roots in the form of a factory manufacturing toy balloons. The group – including two men, T.E. Rice and A.L. Ebert had intended to name the enterprise The Good Rubber Company. Unfortunately, the name conflicted with another concern elsewhere in Ohio. So, the men opted for The Wooster Rubber Company.

Wooster Rubber produced balloons under the brand name Sunshine Balloons in a small factory for its first few years. Horatio Ebert and Errett Grable took over the operation in 1927 from the group of nine and were reportedly looking to try their hands at something new. Whatever the case, they found success in Wooster as the company generating at least modest profits through the 1920s. Unfortunately, like much of the world, Wooster Rubber took a huge plunge as a result of the stock market crash of 1929 and the resulting Great Depression.

Then, it was also during this period that the company took the turn that would produce the Rubbermaid we know today.

Rubbermaid products that change the world

Seamless Rubber Company employee James Caldwell was daydreaming with his wife Madeline about improving some of the day-to-day tasks of keeping the house clean. Inspired by the new colours in rubber, they conceived 29 products that could do just that in bright hues. Their first product was a red rubber dustpan. Although the first rubber version cost $1(considerably much more expensive than the metal versions of the time) Caldwell told The New York Times in a 1973 interview that he managed to sell 9 out of 10 with a sales pitch that his dustpan was far superior to the metal ones because it would not bend and warp.

A new red rubber dustpan that would always make full contact with the floor, eliminating the issue of dirt sliding under dents in the edges of metal pans and frustrating homemakers. Caldwell named the business Rubbermaid, to reflect the material the products were made of and the jobs they were meant to do – those of a maid and merged with Wooster Rubber in 1934. Rubbermaid changed how people sweep the floors!

Rubbermaid continued its efforts to change the daily lives of many with its innovative products that will simplify daily tasks. New inventions like the first rubber bathmat with small suction cups on the bottom of it to hold it in place. This safety innovation is commonplace now and seems like a fairly simple innovation, but there is a good reason it hadn't been done before. Presently, Rubbermaid manufactures bathroom accessories, beverage holders, waste management tools, washroom solutions, cleaning tools, coolers, car organization and plenty of food storage products that will keep any kind of food.

Top Rubbermaid products that everyone loves

Rubbermaid is a global marketer of consumer and commercial products with 2005 sales of $6.3 billion. Headquartered in Atlanta and it has approximately 30,000 employees worldwide. Today, Rubbermaid products can be found almost everywhere including mass retail, hardware and home centre stores, warehouse clubs, supermarkets, drug stores, department stores and specialty stores. Rubbermaid brand continues to stand for durable, innovative products that help simplify the lives of people.

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