For most people, their pets are family. That is why it is important that the pets are as healthy as their owners. To do that, it is essential to feed them with the most nutrition filled pet food that you could find. Royal Canin Malaysia has some of the best treats for your cats and dogs that will nourish them.


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Royal Canin Malaysia: Full Nutrition, Healthier Pets

Our pets are like family, and like family, we know you want what’s best for your furr-babies. When it comes to your pets' nutrition, it is very essential to provide them healthiest treat that they could get. No family would like to see their pets become malnourished. That is why, pet's health is also among the priority of every family. If you're looking for that brand that could provide the perfect nutrition to your pet, look no further! Pet Nutrition Products from Royal Canin is formulated with an advanced science that focused on providing a precise nutrition. It is made of more than 50 nutrients that are measured to provide the right balance of each nutrient, appropriate to the size, age, breed and lifestyle of your pets.

About Royal Canin Malaysia

If you are looking for a nutritious treat for your pets, Royal Canin Malaysia has some of the most delicious pet food with a wide variety of flavors for your cats and dogs. The brand was first established in France by veterinarian and pet lover Jean Cathary. Like all responsible pet owners, Cathary wanted to establish a brand which provide high quality nutrients for cats and dogs alike. Resulting from years of research, clinical testing, and with utmost respect for our furry companions, Royal Canin aims to be the best.

Why choose Royal Canin

  • Royal Canin implements science-based research and nutrition for your pets, ensuring safer and healthier food.
  • Royal Canin appeals to and focuses their efforts on pets rather than blindly selling their products to pet owners.
  • Royal Canin has the right pet food based on your pet’s age, breed, lifestyle, and size.
  • Royal Canin ensures the safety of their products through the latest technology, and rigorous testing.

Royal Canin Kibble Science

A dry compound feed known as Kibble has been proven to be more efficient when used in creating pet food. Royal Canin leads the food science for pets when it comes to the research and development of kibble. Aiming to provide the most edible and digestion friendly food for your cats and dogs.

Royal Canin Malaysia's science in pet nutrition is focused on providing optimum content that makes it possible to efficiently:

  1. Develop and maintain normal body function.
  2. Provision energy necessary to keep your pets active all throughout the day.
  3. Boost immune system, to increase resistance against disease causing illnesses.
  4. Provide special type of diet to a particular condition common to pets.

How to choose the right Royal Canin Kibble

Royal Canin Malaysia offers its wide selection of pet food to two of the most popular pets not only in the country but all around the world: dogs and cats. To help you choose the perfect Royal Canin pet food for your furr-babies, here are great tips to a healthier, more nutritious options from Royal Canin.

  1. When choosing the right pet food, make sure to read the ingredients. The most common ones are beef, chicken, or fish.
  2. As a source of carbohydrates, choose dog food with grains and glutens. Dogs and cats metabolize carbohydrates fast and uses them as a source of energy.
  3. Your dogs age is also a factor when choosing their dog food. Look for labels like “This food is complete and balanced for all life stages” or “This food is complete and balanced for adult maintenance”, etc.
  4. Before purchasing the right dog food, make sure to compare and contrast them to other brands in terms of price, nutrition, and your pet’s preferences.
  5. If you are still unsure, you can ask your local veterinarian regarding the right pet food for your dog.

Importance of choosing the right pet food

To ensure your pet’s health, choosing the right pet food is important. There are many factors that could possibly affect your choice of pet food such as your pet’s health requirements, current health conditions, and preference. If you can, drop by your local veterinary and ask about your pet’s health condition to know what nutrients they need to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Choosing a healthier diet is important to prevent malnutrition in every spectrum. By choosing the right type of diet, you can prevent your pet from being too obese or emaciated, enabling them to live better lives. A healthy pet is a happy pet, so make sure to choose the best; choose Royal Canin.

Loving your pet can take all forms such as giving them affection, teaching them tricks, training, or feeding them. Like humans, our pets need the right nutrition to fully live a happy life. You can click here to view our available selection of Royal Canin products today or take a look at other pet food brands such as Pedigree, Whiskas, IAMS, Greenies and so much more!