Surfer Naima Green once said, "One of the greatest things about the sport of surfing is that you need only three things: your body, a surfboard, and a wave." To ensure your body is in its finest condition throughout your ride, get surf ready with sportswear and swimwear from Roxy. This sister brand of Quicksilver was born in the water and knows just what you need to ace that wave. Whether you surf professionally or for the love of water, Roxy is your gal pal with the goods to back it up.

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Tropically yours; Roxy Malaysia, born of the surf

Debuting in the late summer of 1990, Roxy was initially made as a swimwear line. The next year, it debuted a sportswear line that prospered with sales of over $1 million. By the year 1992, the brand was ready to roll out with a new denim line and important, staple snow wear pieces. Roxy was the first brand of its kind in the market. Naturally, it piqued the interest of many women, athlete and girl. Other surf brands would soon follow suit.

Within the span of a year, Roxy was on a roll. They debuted their iconic heart shaped crest logo. This symbol was an adaptation from the recognizable Quicksilver logo. One fortunate afternoon in Hawaii when the Roxy team was sitting on the beach and enjoying the surf, they came up with the idea of a women’s boardshort. A combination of fit, flexibility and femininity. This forever changed the women’s surf market. It was the perfect example of Roxy’s originality and fresh outlook. In Quicksilver’s annual report for 1990, it dubbed Roxy as a “fun, bold, athletic, daring and, classy’ brand.

The inaugural Quicksilver/Roxy Women’s Pro Surfing event took place in winter 1995. This historical occasion went down on Sunset Beach, Oahu’s North Shore. Ten years later, the Roxy Pro Hawaii is still one of the most exciting and prestigious ASP World Championship surf events of the year. The success of this event saw the making of many other surfing events by the brand. For example, the Roxy Pro Fiji, the Roxy Pro Gold Coast (Australia), and, the Roxy Jam UK, all ASP World Championship Tour events such as the Roxy Pro Women’s Surf Festival (Australia), one of the largest World Qualifying Series event and amateur surf contests for young surfers all across the globe. The brand is the largest corporate sponsor for women’s surfing in the world.

With great power comes great responsibility. Naturally as the brand’s popularity increased, so did its demand and audience. This introduced new development in product ranges and saw accessories and eyewear join in the mix. The brand also expanded to include footwear and a Roxy Girl line for little ladies aged 7 – 16. The brand debuted at New York Fahsion week in 1996 during The Girl’s Rule Show. The same year, the brand was nominated for The “California Rising Star Award” for design excellence and innovation. A year later, the brand expanded to include outerwear, a snow line, accessories and Roxy’s children’s line, Teenie Wahine.

1999 was a big year for the brand and one with many firsts. The brand brought in jewelry, bags, backpacks, travel accessories, skate gear, Roxy Room for bedding, lamps and posters. By the end of the 90’s Roxy became a coveted brand for teenage girls everywhere, enjoying mass market success. In 2003, the brand partnered with Mervin Manufacturing; Luna Bay to produce a full line of snowboards. During that year, Roxy also debuted seven young adult fiction novels titled, Roxy Girl Series.

Over the years, its constant innovation, strong retail presence and expanding product line has kept Roxy at the forefront of the female surf market. The unmistakable Roxy spirit has kept the brand alive through every handbag to Henley, wetsuit to tide watch and wallet. The key ingredient that ties Roxy to the hearts of girls everywhere is its, “daring, confident, naturally beautiful, fun and alive” spirit. Simply put, no one rocks like Roxy.

You had me at aloha, Roxy

Lisa Andersen, the reigning ASP Female World Champion became the first member of the Roxy Team in 1994. Lisa went on to win three more world titles with Roxy and catapulted the brand to more fame. Known as one of the most influential surfers in the history of women’s surfing, Lisa Andersen’s contribution to the Roxy brand and its success is exemplary. The current Roxy Team includes big names such as six time world champion Stephanie Gilmore, Bianca Buitendag, Kelia Moniz, Monyca Eleogram, Rosy Hodge, Bruna Schmitz, Lee-Ann Curren, Lisa Anderson, Justine Mauvin and Alyssa Lock.

Stars who go with the Roxy flow

The stars of tinsletown have also shown their affection for this brand. Willow Smith, Avril Lavigne, Sierra Kusterbeck and Normani Kordei have been seen wearing Roxy pieces on and off stage. The versatile Roxy pieces make it the perfect brand for the best beach outfit, summer inspired do or for a casual beach inspired look. Roxy has been spotted on many beaches, mountains and streets, solidifying that this brand truly belongs in the lives of girls from different backgrounds all across the globe.

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