Building towards having your own home entertainment system but might not have the right fixtures and accessories? Ross is here to simplify the process for you. Ross provides a wide range of products to turn your home theatre dreams into reality! Find out more about Ross Malaysia below.


Complete Your Home Entertainment Assembly with Ross Malaysia

Always wanted to have your very own home cinema? Just having all the basic ensemble such as an LED TV, a DVD player, and a sound system is insufficient as you need the proper accessories and components to assemble them according to your personal preference. This is where Ross comes into the picture. The brand specializes in manufacturing TV wall mounts and other accessories, providing useful and reliable solutions for your home theatre needs.

Why Choose Ross?

With so many brands in the market offering the same components and accessories, you might be wondering why you Ross should be your number one choice. Below are some reasons that might help make up your mind.

Dedication to Product Excellence

To meet the demands of its customers, Ross constantly undergoes research and development to ensure that its products adhere to internationally-recognised safety and quality standards including UL, TUV, and RoHS. Combining British technology ingenuity with high-quality materials, you can never go wrong with Ross.

Cost Efficient

Ross has successfully managed to keep the prices low, therefore allowing more people to afford them. Ross is able to market its products at an affordable rate because they manufacture all the parts in-house which effectively reduces third-party costs. The affordable prices also mean that you can save on these accessories and use the money for other elements such as investing in a better television or sound system.

Products Offered by Ross Malaysia

Ross products have minimalistic designs that can match any interior seamlessly without looking awkward. Not only are they visually-pleasing, the products also have easy to install features so that you can set up your home theatre system in no time. Ross’ products are divided into several categories:

Mounts and Stands

Ross is best known around the world for its TV wall mounts. These mounts come in a range of formats and functions to meet the different TV mounting situations, be it flat to the wall, tilt and turn, or full motion. The mounts are compatible with most LED, LCD, and Plasma televisions in the market today. Moreover, these wall mounts are easy to install and are equipped with advanced safety features.

TV Floor Stands

Apart from wall mounts, there is also a wide array of TV floor stands to offer. Their contemporary design complements the modern home well. They come in varied heights to ensure that the televisions will match the eye level of its viewers, leading to an enhanced viewing experience. As most of them are tiered, these floor stands can also act as a shelf for you to place other objects and devices such as DVDs or gaming consoles.

Home Entertainment Accessories

If you require additional cables, you can also turn to Ross as the brand features a comprehensive selection in its inventory, including HDMI cables, USB cables, SCART cables, audio cables, etc. Ross has also formulated its own line of cleaning solution that cleans without streaking, staining or dripping, perfect for any LCD display.