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Rosette for Women

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Rosette Horse Oil Makeup Remover Cream 180g
RM 59.40

Brand from Japan: Rosette. Thick, hydrating makeup removal cream with horse oil. The pink clay (a purifying ingredient) powder using traditional Rosette Face Wash Paste manufacturing methods to create this makeup-removing cream, part of our age-defying wash Ancient Beauty Series. Paste formula whisks away even stubborn makeup, while protective horse oil leaves skin dewy and hydrated for lustrous elasticity. Whisks away even stubborn eye makeup. The creamy formula is gentle on skin, removing makeup as well as an oil-based cleanser would. Smooth, thick, concentrated cream transforms into oil on the skin, easily whisking away even waterproof mascara. Horse oil creates a natural veil to keep skin moist and soft. Contains horse oil, known to closely mimic the oil in human skin. Locks in moisture to add luster and support a resilient, elastic bounce. Pink clay pasta (paste) formula: Use our unique Rosette Face Wash Paste manufacturing process to infuse this formula with richly hydrating pink clay powder sourced from Hiroshima Prefecture. Smooth, creamy formula brings waste impurities trapped in tiny crevices to the surface and gently rinses them away. Can be rinsed or wiped off. Zero added colors or mineral oil. Alcohol-free. Vibrant sweet floral scent. How to use: Take an appropriate amount (cherries grain size) in dry hands, soak them well with makeup to gently massage, then rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water. Do not scrape mascara for a few seconds without rubbing. You can use it for wiping. Then we recommend washing with rosette facial cleanser.

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Rosette Cleansing Milk 180ml
RM 97.00 RM 102.10

Brand from Japan: Rosette. Emulsion makeup remover from the no-wash cleansing brand, inspired by French beauty traditions. Offers a delicately balanced combination of water and oil ingredients that is soft to the touch and gentle on skin. Leaves skin lushly hydrated and as smooth and soft as a baby. Replenishes and locks in moisture, even during cleansing. Prevents moisture from escaping the outer layers of skin, protecting its natural barrier function while powerfully eliminating makeup and impurities. Packed with beauty ingredients and perfect for rebalancing mature skin! Made with carefully selected premium beauty ingredients to target the multiple challenges face mature skin. Olive oil and squalene oil (skin moisturizers) for naturally-derived hydrating effects. Soybean placenta extract (moisturizer) to soften skin while enhancing texture. Royal jelly extract and Asian ginseng extract (moisturizers) to hydrate and enhance elasticity. Lavender essential oil for relaxing aromatherapeutic effects. Hypoallergenic formula is even safe for sensitive skin. Thick texture alleviates stress on the skin and is great for massaging as well. Great for those who prefer a more natural makeup look. Lavender scent. No added colors. No mineral oils. Alcohol free. Silicone free. No-wash cleansing, a French beauty secret. In France, where the water is very hard, French women commonly use an emulsion or cream cleanser to lift impurities to the surface and simply wipe them away with a light lotion. Not washing and rinsing protects precious skin moisture and leaves the face exceptionally hydrated. Can be used as a wipe-on or rinse-away makeup remover with no need for a second wash. How to use: Take an appropriate amount (pump 3 to 5 push) as a guide, gently massage the entire face, and gently press the tissue when the dirt floats, or wipe it gently with a dampened cotton. There is no need for double cleansing. If you want to finish refreshing, you can also rinse with warm lukewarm water. After that, you can get your usual skincare.

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Rosette Skin Update Line Cream 30g
RM 72.20

Brand from Japan: Rosette. Only for night. Easy as simple as you can. Intensive care for mouth with dense cream. Cream concentrate on the mouth you care about nightly. Prevent drying with a moisturizing veil while giving moisture while the cream of a rich feel sleeps, it leads to firm skin. Rinse it is unnecessary. The ingredients for the mouth were blended in a well-balanced manner. Approach from various points of moisturizing, packing, resting, lifting, protection. Fragrance-free, color-free, alcohol-free. Quinoa seed extract - moisturizing ingredient, cover the surface of the skin with a high lift force like a membrane, moisturize moistly. Sesa flash - leather conditioning ingredients, protein component derived from sesame forms a moisturizing veil, and it prepares into a pin and a smooth mouth. Hydrogenated retinol - leather conditioning component, it prepares the turnover of the skin and supports the work that the skin inherently has. Shea butter oil - leather protective ingredients, natural oil extracted from shear tree nuts holds water and keeps moisture of the skin. Vitamin B6 derivative - moisturizing ingredient, vitamin B derivatives with high permeability permeate through corners of the stratum corneum. Hyaluronic acid, 3D hyaluronic acid, adsorbent hyaluronic acid, osmotic hyaluronic acid 4 types of hyaluronic acid (moisturizing component) quartet effect improves moisturizing power. How to use: After preparing your skin with lotion, milky lotion etc, take the appropriate amount and use the whole fingertips to lengthen the line, and pull it up obliquely upward. It is a point to do with moderate force adjustment. When your fingers slip slightly heavier, it is a signature familiar to your skin.

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Rosette White Diamond Cleansing Paste
RM 48.30 RM 50.80

Brand from Japan: Rosette. Get clearer skin just by washing! This brightening face wash polishes skin until it sparkles like a diamond. From the company that brought you Japan's first cream-based face wash comes a new product from our long-time best-selling product line, designed especially for those with rough, dry skin. Our unique brightening system polishes skin until its bright and clear. Pasta formula features fine powder kneaded into a soft mixture to treat skin's keratin layer. Made with three brightening powders (diamond, pearl, and sulfur), this special formula removes impurities from the skin surface and washes away the dead, melanin-containing skin cells that cause dull, rough patches. Also contains eight beauty ingredients for moisturizing and conditioning. These ingredients are specially formulated for mature skin, and when used as the first step in your skincare regimen, prepare it to absorb later products while helping to create the perfect palette for lasting makeup. Clarifying ingredients: Rose honey extract (exfoliant). Brightening and protective ingredients : Placenta, saxifrage extract, chamomile flower extract, white lotus extract (moisturizers), vitamin C (product antioxidant). Moisture-lock ingredients: Rose oil, prune oil (moisturizers). Vibrant white rose scent. How to Use: Open the cover of the container first, please remove the knob in the center. Suppress the circumference of the hole with the thumbs of both hands, force equally and extrude an appropriate amount (about 0.5cm-1cm). Take on the palm, lather well with lukewarm water in the palm, wash to massage. Then rinse thoroughly. Pack Size - 90g

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Rosette Rice Release Cleansing Liquid 200ml
RM 89.20

Brand from Japan: Rosette. Cleansing Liquid tailored to rain drops make-up at the back of pores. From cleansing brand rice release tailored for rice that can make skin and heart softer, removes liquid type makeup. It blends plenty of rice-derived ingredients that acts to give and keep the skin moisture, while firmly removing the makeup, it will not miss the necessary moisture and will make your skin gentle. Moderate thickening and thick texture reduces friction to the skin, it is a fresh and smooth wash-up. Give to give moisture & keep Rice derived ingredients. Both makeup and square plugs are gently released with ingredient formulation derived from rice excellent in moisture effect. While leaving the moisture, wash it on a clean skin. Drop quickly with an aqua cleansing ingredient. Mascara and foundation, etc., blended cleansing ingredients focused on each stain. Pick up makeup and dirt in the back of the pores quickly and drop them. Use also in the bath OK. It can also be used for wet hands and faces, so you can use it even in a bath. Make-off is possible with bus time. Gentle to the skin. With no fragrance / coloring, stick to the gentleness to the skin. It does not put an extra burden on the skin with a thick texture. Matsu OK. You can use it even if you are eyelash extensions. How to use: Take the appropriate amount (3 to 4 times push) in your hand, spread it over the whole face, rinse thoroughly with makeup and then rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water. You can use it for both wet and dry skin. If your skin is very wet after shampooing, use it lightly after draining. Recommend cleansing.

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