Think premium watches, think Rolex. As the world's most popular brand of premium watch, Rolex has made a name for itself over a hundred years. Now with Rolex watches Malaysia, you too can own an exquisite timepiece to pass down to your heirs. Browse the selection of Rolex watches below or find out more about Rolex watches Malaysia here.


Rolex Watches Malaysia

Think about a premium watch brand in the market. The first name that popped into your mind would most likely be Rolex, right? Of course it is! Rolex is known to be the most popular watch brand in the world. Explore the profile of high-flyers and first-class silhouettes with Rolex watches. Rolex as a watch brand has more than a century of experience under its belt. From the classic timepieces to family heirlooms passed down through generations, Rolex watches stand for quality, class and status. Now with Rolex watches Malaysia, you too can upgrade to premium timepieces. Browse the products above or check out these links for more information.

The Rolex heritage – generations of prestige

Carrying on the history of status and prestige, this Swiss company has perfected timepieces to bring us only the best in premium watch collections. Self-winding technology coupled with precious metals and gems into the finish, Rolex watch collections will boost your status. Each watch collection is tried and tested, put to endure extreme conditions. In particular, Rolex Submariner and Daytona collections undergo vigorous testing such as drop tests of up to 12,000 feet in depth enduring immense water pressure. Let’s look at the result of superior quality in Rolex watch collections below:

Rolex Yatchmaster II

Invented in the 1950’s to upgrade the yacht lifestyle, the Yatchmaster II. Sporting waterproof casings with precious gems embedded into it, this collection is sure to dazzle. Above its class in every way, the Rolex Yatchmaster II is far superior.

Rolex Submariner

Much like the Yatchmaster collection, the Submariner collection was introduced in 1953 exclusively for scuba diving and water sports. With waterproof technology up to 100m, it has since become a trend among divers and enthusiasts.

Rolex DateJust II

Made in 1945, this watch collection is the ancestor of today’s watches. With genuine design and quality finish, the DateJust II presents a chronometer as well as a date window.

Rolex Daytona

One of the most iconic and notorious Rolex watches ever created. The collection was made to supplement race car drivers to get precision time. A chronograph and a tachometer calculate a car’s speed with precision.

Rolex watches as family heirlooms

Besides being a symbol of prestige and quality, Rolex watches also are used as a symbol of family inheritance. Often passed down from one generation to another, Rolex watches have become a heritage to hold on to. We often see in movies and advertisements that grandfathers and fathers pass down their Rolex watches to their next generation.

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