Rolex is synonymous with luxury and precision. This Swiss watchmaker offers an array of extraordinary timepieces that exceed standards. Read all about Rolex Malaysia and their FAQs down below.


What You Need to Know About Rolex Malaysia

    About Rolex

    Rolex is a Swiss watch company that was founded in 1905. The founder, Hans Wilsdorf, had the vision to make reliable timepieces that are both elegant and featured the precise Swiss-made movements. The brand is now known for its precision which rewarded the brand with the Chronometric Precision certification by the Official Watch Rating Centre.

    In 1919, the brand produced the world’s first waterproof and dustproof watch called the Oyster. Then, in 1927, Rolex impressed the world when Mercedes Gleitze wore the Oyster during her vindication swim across the English Channel. Also during the same year, came the world’s first testimonial proclaiming the undefeated success of the waterproof watch, The Oyster, was published on the front page of the Daily Mail.

    The following is a list of the current collections from the brand:

    • Air-King
    • Datejust and Lady-Datejust
    • GMT-Master II
    • Day-Date
    • Submariner
    • Oyster Perpetual
    • Cosmograph Daytona
    • Yacht-Master
    • Sea-Dweller and Sky-Dweller
    • Explorer
    • Milgauss
    • Cellini
    • Pearlmaster

    Rolex Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is a Rolex in Malaysia?

    The entry-lever Rolex price in Malaysia can range between RM15,000 up to RM100,000, depending on the series. For an Oyster Perpetual, prepare to pay from RM20,000 and RM30,000 and up for a Submariner. Special editions of Rolex watches that are adorned with diamonds and other gemstones can go up to millions of Ringgit.

    How do you know if a Rolex watch is real?

    • Being known as a high-end watch brand, you can expect a high price. Fake Rolex watches usually sell between RM103 to RM 829.
    • Before buying, know your seller. Most authentic sellers provide a guarantee of authenticity with every purchase.
    • The brand uses quality materials when producing their watches especially their 904L steel that is rust free. Look at some parts of the watch like the clasp, the hands, the case. If anything doesn’t seem like good quality, it’s most likely a fake.
    • Rolex watches have their serial number deeply engraved into the steel and is glow in the dark.
    • Counterfeit Rolex watches don’t bother to put the logo into their stampings.
    • Rolex movement is made by true craftsmanship. However, if your watch has a quartz movement, chances are it is a fake. In addition, an authentic piece has engravings on the back inside when you open it up.
    • Uneven spaces between letters and fonts with misspellings are signs of a fake watch.

    How do I care for a Rolex watch?

    Considering the price and design complexity of the watch, it’s highly recommended that you take your watch to an official service center for your periodical maintenance. For daily care, you can clean your watch with a cloth or wash the case and the metal strap using soap and water.

    Does Rolex use real diamonds?

    Yes, Rolex uses real diamonds and has its own jewelers to set the diamonds into their watches.

    What is the most expensive Rolex?

    The Paul Newman Daytona is the most expensive, selling at $17.8 million, which is approximately RM73,727,811.

    Why is a Rolex watch so expensive?

    The precision and craftsmanship taken on each watch as well as the innovative technology used are what make this brand so expensive. The company is on par with other luxury watch brands like Tag Heuer, Tissot, and more.