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 Enjoy 10% discount when you buy Roland Synthesizers. Popular models for Synthesizers from Roland are usually from the Juno-Ds61 61-Keys Synthesizer With Free Shipping (Juno Ds61 Junods61), Juno Ds61 61-Keys Synthesizer (Juno Ds-61 / Junods61) and Juno-Ds88 88-Keys Synthesizer With Free Shipping (Juno Ds88 Junods88) collection. If Roland Synthesizers doesn't fully suit your taste, there are other models you can check out online from KORG, Yamaha and Casio. Find the best deals on Roland Synthesizers on iPrice Malaysia and get them at a decent price, ranging from RM 234.00 to RM 14,240.00. Roland Synthesizers come in different colors, but the most common ones are Beige.