South Korea has capture global attention for its fast-development over the past century with beauty and now with its cookware industry too. Using high end manufacturing facilities and technology, Roichen is able to make cookware that is durable and multi-functional. Learn more about Roichen here and look at its amazing cookware offers below.


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Roichen brand story

A brand that formed its roots in 1975 under the motto of "we make best quality products", Roichen Malaysia has emerged as the brand in this 21st century as a leading cookware products maker. A leader of kitchenware and cookware goods development for functional innovations, Roichen is ISO 9001 and SIO 14001 certified, proving its ability to make and materialise one of the world’s best designed products in terms of quality.

Roichen Malaysia has also been honoured with the ‘Consumer Best Brand Award’ for 2012, 2013 and 2014 consecutively for three years, along with the recognition of ‘Red dot Product Design Award’ as one of the best product designs in a world-class level. Roichen always strives to make its products with even better quality, adding value for its customers.

The establishment of Roichen Lab is one of the greatest effort of the company to maintain and improve the quality of products meeting all its customers’ requirements. To give happiness through its products to its customers, Roichen does its best to fulfil customers’ satisfaction until the customer is satisfied.

All about Roichen’s natural stone cooking

Roichen cookware holds a special secret in its making. Roichen Malaysia cookware are actually made of die cast aluminium while its cooking side is ceramic coated. With such manufacturing technology and sciences, a nice and smooth surface for all kinds of cooking is made. It is also easy to clean, healthier (due to the need of less oil to cook and a lot more resistant than other non-stick conventional materials used in the industry).

Besides that, using ceramic ware when cooking can also ensure that food will cook more evenly in a shorten time period due to the superior heat retention. Named Ceramica technology, a kind of natural stone cooking, it can be applied to metal cooking equipment due to its strong durability. Roichen has conducted countless tests and this natural stone coating has passed over 50,000 times of durability test of abrasion (using iron scouring pads in Korea Conformity Laboratories). Roichen Ceramic coating also has a much higher heat efficiency infrared ray, this allows heat to be in contact with food in a longer wave heat, keeping food’s moisture and nutrition.

Did you know that many non-stick cookware is coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a polymer trademarked as Teflon that a DuPont scientist discovered in 1938?

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-stick pan at 680F on a regular electric stove in reality releases at least SIX toxic gases which include two carcinogens, two global pollutants and a chemical known to be lethal to humans. You can reach this temperature just by preheating an empty pan at the high setting on a regular stove. So, be safe and healthy with ceramic cookware. Roichen Natural Stone Coating non-stick coating cookware products are all lead, cadmium, PFOA and PTFE free ensuring no toxic fumes will emit upon heating. Oven and dishwasher safe, cleaning up after cooking is also a breeze.

Top Roichen Malaysia Products

Get a smart kitchen with Roichen products, here are a list of the brand’s top products that will make your diet planning a much easier task.

Roichen Pressure Cooker series

designed to help shorten cooking time, this series uses a convection heating system that has a similar burning or heating effect of cooking with charcoal or with a cauldron. Thick foods can be cooked evenly and the heat damage towards food could be minimized to create healthier dishes. The series uses a 4-point safety device to prevent excessive pressure rise while cooking. A smart control system valve to keep inside pressure regulated by releasing moisture and steam, a safe hole as a backup if the system fails, a silicon packing around the pot to allow pushed air and steam out form the highly pressured inner pot and finally a pressure handle that locks in the pressure seal that is made of thermosetting resin that does not changes its shape when in contact with heat.

Roichen Natural Ceramic Pot series

This set offers a wide range of cookware from saucepans to casseroles and low casseroles too with capacities that range from 1.8 litres to 7 litres. This diamond coated ceramic coating allows for slim oil cooking as it has a non-stick feature, so you and your family can eat healthier. Cleaning up after cooking is also easy as only a little amount of detergent is needed to clean the pots and you can also save the environment and save nature. Oil, acid and alkaline resistant, the coating of the pots will make fried dishes a much easier task. Clever design of the stand lid and lid knob allows users to have more cooking space and avoid cooking accidents. This set of cookware will also capture the eyes of users and guests with its bright colours and refined designs that will exude a subtle elegance in your kitchen.

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