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Rocklander is a popular footwear brand in Malaysia that specializes in safety shoes. If you are in the market for one, check out the latest Rocklander shoes. You can also learn tips on how to get the right safety shoes by reading the article below.

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Mixed Material Sneakers RM 93.00 Zalora
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Tips for Choosing the Right Safety Shoes with Rocklander Malaysia

When buying safety shoes in Malaysia, you might deal with a decision whether to choose between standard and military style. Standard safety shoes offer comfort and are suitable for any type of activity. Whereas, military-style shoes work well for any rigorous activities or jobs that may require extra protection. However, choosing the right pair of safety shoes can be challenging. But do keep in mind that the having a pair of safety shoes that will improve your performance and safety is worth the time and money. Here’s how to find the right pair of safety shoes.

Do not be influenced by other people’s choices

When buying safety shoes in Malaysia, do not be influenced by other people’s choices. If your friend has expensive safety shoes, do not immediately consider buying the same pair. This is because some safety shoes look stunning on the outside but can be uncomfortable and heavy to wear. That is why you should never compromise comfort by opting for the same shoes that your friends have or recommend. Bear in mind that your feet are unique so you’re the only one who can determine whether a certain pair of safety shoes will work for you best. If you’re after comfortable safety shoes, check out Rocklander Malaysia’s impressive collection.

Take as much time as you want

Finding the right safety shoes can take much of your precious time. But do not rush through your shopping, as it may result in finding the wrong pair of shoes. Keep in mind that safety shoes do not easily fit and mold into your feet, unlike regular shoes that can adjust the form of your feet over time. That why it is normal that a chunk of your precious time will be allotted in selecting the right safety shoes.

If you buy safety shoes online, aside from considering the shoes’ features, it’s also important that the website is easy to navigate so you can purchase your shoes in no time. Rocklander Malaysia’s website has a user-friendly interface that lets you purchase your safety shoes with just a few clicks!

Fight the urge to buy a larger pair of safety shoes

Typically, safety shoes are harder than regular shoes, at the same time inflexible. For this reason, some people tend to go for safety shoes that are a bit oversized to provide more room for their feet. However, wearing oversized safety shoes may result in injuries like bone fractures and sprains. Fortunately, you can compensate the extra room in your shoes by wearing thick socks.

Avoid Buying the Wrong Size

Some people are so eager to buy to the point that they forget to find the right fit, resulting in uncomfortable shoes. With that, they’re at risk of getting blisters that negatively affect safety. That is why when you buy safety shoes in a brick-and-mortar store, always try them on and check if they are comfortable by walking around.

Consider Your Workplace Conditions

Many consumers forget to consider their workplace conditions when buying safety shoes. If you work outside, you might want to get a pair that comes with waterproofing protection. If you are a roofer, you need to get a pair of shoes with slip-resistant features. Meanwhile, if your workplace deals with lifting heavy objects, it is important to choose safety shoes with a steel cap. Not to mention, it’s also imperative to select a pair of safety shoes that is approved by your workplace. Failing to take this into consideration may result in compromising your own safety.

Prioritize function and comfort over style

One of the reasons why some people got the wrong pair of safety shoes is that they prioritized style over function, meaning they chose style rather than safety and comfort. Always keep in mind that comfort and function are more important than style when it comes to safety shoes. If you are very particular with the style of your safety shoes, you can go for brands that offer stylish, comfortable, and durable safety shoes such as those from Rocklander Malaysia.

Choose a brand that specializes in safety shoes

As mentioned, choosing safety shoes based on price is a mistake that should be avoided. Bear in mind that price is not the key feature you should take into consideration, safety should be your primary concern. Some brands offer cheap, low-quality safety shoes that can put your safety at risk, at the same time tend to be less durable, causing you to spend money on another pair of safety shoes. Fortunately, there are brands that specialize in safety shoes such as Rocklander Malaysia, meaning you’ll get quality safety shoes for a reasonable price.

Go for long safety boots with a steel cap

One of the fatal mistakes in buying safety boots with a steel cap is getting a pair that is too wide and too short. Wearing one can be uncomfortable since your foot will slide forward too far and your toes will become cramped. For this reason, you need to get a longer pair of safety boots with a steel cap. Aside from shoes, check out Rocklander Malaysia's boots and loafers.