There are some basic necessities that no man or women can live without such as a roof over their head, food to fill their stomachs and clothes to cover them. In the world that we are living in today, fashion has taken the world by storm and people are becoming more and more conscious of what they wear when they leave the house or even on a lazy day at home. One brand that revolves around the fashion trends is River Island. Designed for their fashion savvy customers, River Island is a brand you should have hoarding up your wardrobe.


River Island Malaysia, the best fashionable brand

If you find your life revolving around fashion, then you would surely love the collection found in River Island. Armed with over 60 years of experience in the fashion retailing business, River Island is one of the brand that is known and loved not only on the High Street but globally. Take this opportunity and revamp your whole wardrobe with River Island for they are known for their stylish and affordable fashion.

If you are afraid that of looking too plain, they fret not, for River Island takes pride in their unique touches that they bring to their collection, allowing you to stand out from the rest of the High Street and anywhere else. Their fashion savvy customers like you can always depend on them for the outfits for amazing going out looks and occasion wear, impeccable quality denim without forgetting fabulous bags and shoes. River Island is the perfect store to pick up everything you need from a beautiful dress for your date night, to the perfect business outfit for your office or even the most comfortable shoe for your relaxing day around the mall, everything you need for a new head-to-toe look.

With the constantly changing fashion, the team behind River Island keep a close eye on the ever transforming trends and brings only the latest and original runway styles to you, with amazing designs being the core of everything that they create. Almost all of River Island products are designed in-house and with the largest design team on the High Street, they are proud to deliver the most fabulous and latest fashion that are available in store and online exclusively for you every single week without fail.

Placing the mark with over 350 stores across the United Kingdom, Ireland and throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe with 6 online stores operating in 4 different currencies for their your convenience, River Island allows you to show hassle free.

River Island for charity

It’s always great to see a globally recognized retailer lending a helping hand to charity, so when River Island decided to support the deserving charity known as the War Child, everyone was beyond delighted. War Child is an organization that provides life-changing support to the children who are defenceless for their families, communities and school have been torn apart by war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, and Uganda. To show their support, River Island decided to produce a capsule t-shirt collection that is available in all their stores from May 2014 onwards. Available in two different shades of colors, this collection features the exact replica of the Come Together T-shier that John Lennon wore alongside his wide, Yoko Ono in 1971. If you are looking for a great way to support a charity with an added advantage of having an iconic music memorabilia, then check out these amazing t-shirts exclusively on River Island.

Greatest collaboration ever done

Collaboration between well-known brands and famous designers and celebrities are something that everyone looks forward too. To satisfy their customer’s ever growing fashion needs, River Island has worked with some of the greatest names in the industry and delivers only excitement for their customers.

Rihanna X River Island

Come and stand under RiRi umbrella with the greatest collection that she has ever designed with River Island. This pop princess who have been wanting to design her own collection for some time has finally got her chance with River Island. They are the first ever fashion brand to ever work with this famous star and since she is a style icon herself, you can be rest assured that the collection from Miss RiRi would surely suit your style. From chic to feminine, this collection has everything from leather jackets, midriff tops to floral print dress and a jaunty grey baseball jacket with white leather sleeves.

James Long X River Islandl

When it comes to designing the best menswear London has ever seen, no one can do it beer than James Long. So when River Island got to collaborate with the great designer, you know you are getting the best anyone has ever got to offer. Made up of completely unique item, this ten piece collection include a hooded bomber, an oversized, conceptually illustrated T-shirt and neoprene joggers.

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