Love the waves of the sea? The Rip Curl brand embraces the surfing culture at its roots and is the Ultimate Surfing Company. Founded in 1969 by Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer in Australia, the duo named their surfboard-making shack Rip Curl after having a few arguments in their workshop. Now, Rip Curl has become a huge Australian brand for surfing sportswear and athletic sponsor. Look at our iprice online store below and pick up your favorite Rip Curl surfing products from our licensed partners.


Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, Rip Curl walked into the hearts of surfers

It was 1969 and all humankind were anxiously waiting in front of their black and white TV sets to hear about the news of Man’s first steps onto the moon. The duo, Brian Singer and Doug Warbick however were more excited about the high tides at Torquay, which is nearby Australia’s famous Bell Beach. Waves that day rose to reached 10 feet and the duo were having the time of their lives riding on the waves until the set settled. They then went home to watch the historical moments of man landing on the moon.

Surfing culture back then was still at the experimental stages, although there were many brands making surfboards and surf gear, Torquay boys Singer and Warbick wanted to make surfboards that were accustomed to the waves in their local beach. Therefore, they pitched in to start Rip Curl that was focused in making functional surfcraft for local waves. Business was good as their gear garnered a strong local following.

The sea waves in South East Australia Victoria beaches were quite cold and many surfers could only enjoy their rides for a limited amount of time on their surfboards. So, Rip Curl decided to transform the surfing culture by making wetsuits to keep out the cold waters. Board makers were thriving but only two wetsuit makers were available at that time with little commercial value. Warbrick and Singer made the decision in 1970 that forever changed the nature of their fledgling company.

Maker of all climate wetsuits – surf anytime wearing Rip Curl wetsuits

Rip Curl is the pioneer in wetsuit making with more than 40 years of experience. The brand’s SlickSkin and Elastomax technologies are among the most advanced and breakthrough creations of future surf wear.

Rip Curl is also specialized in hand crafting and customizing their surfboards for surfers to conquer waves in different coastlines of the world. Now, surfing has also expanded onto land. With Rip Curl’s Mountainwear, surfing on ice has also been made possible with its Gum series that is ultimately waterproof, breathable and stretchable. Therefore, surfers can surf all year long and conquer even greater heights.

Rip Curl wetsuits and body suits comes with zip free, chest free and back free features that gives wearers improved coverage against cold waters. The brand’s Hydro collar also acts an increased barrier against the cold and can be adjusted to fit colder or warmer waters. Made with the most advanced E4 Neoprene material, Rip Curl’s bodysuits offers wearers the ultimate freedom when riding unpredictable waves.

Surfers can wear the Rip Curl Flashbomb suits for extra warmth as the suit features seam sealing, flash lining and is the world’s fastest drying wetsuit. For high performances and extra flexibility, surfers will be embodied in the Rip Curl E-bomb body suits that offer the ultimate stretch that will support your movements when riding. Get the Rip Curl Dawn Patrol if you want value for money surf gear that is durable and offers great performance. FYI the brand’s wetsuits have won the SIMA Image Awards Wetsuit of the Year continuously for two years in a row!

Rip Curl’s amazing selection of apparel and accessories

Today, Rip Curl has a total of nine corporate licensees who make and sell Rip Curl products in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Israel, Indonesia, Japan, Mauritius, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa and the USA. The brand has since expanded its product line beyond surfboards and wetsuits to offer a wide range of clothing, apparel and accessories for men, women, boys and girls.

Rip Curl clothing are beach-friendly and summer loving. From shorts, flowy maxi dresses, bikinis, tank tops, beach thongs to bags and shoes. Rip Curl’s women’s wear is a hit item for the summer. As for the guys, the brand also offers colourful and comfortable board shorts and boardwalks, as well as a variety of tees and singlets for those hot summers.

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This is not just a brand for professional surfers, Rip Curl embraces those whose lifestyles share in the spirit of The Search and pursue their dreams without borders. Embrace the sea, sun and saltwater with one of the most recognized surfing brands around – Rip Curl. Wherever your travels may take you, it is essential to invest in quality swimwear, equipment clothing and accessories. Rip Curl allows you to do just that without the compromise on style or quality. Get your Rip Curl products at your one stop shopping destination now at iprice.