Originating from the UK, Rimmel London is the go-to brand for all makeup trends from England as it is one of the country’s best-selling cosmetics brand. Click here to learn more about how you can get that stunning London look.

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Rimmel London Malaysia: Where Beauties and Legends are Born

Rimmel London Malaysia: One of the Oldest Cosmetics Brand

Previously known as the House of Rimmel, Rimmel London (more commonly known as Rimmel) was founded in 1834 as a perfumery in London, England by a father-and-son team. Back then, Eugene Rimmel was only 14 years old when the House of Rimmel opened for business. But as the business flourished, so did Eugene’s talents. By the age of 24, he had invented several cosmetic products (on top of producing fragrances) that astounded the world and made a name for himself as well as the company.

Rimmel London Malaysia: Getting that London Look

Today, Rimmel London boasts a wide range of beauty products that are designed as a way for its customers to experiment and express their individuality. Among the various products that Rimmel London has to offer, the brand is well known for their innovative mascara range that meets the needs of its customers perfectly. In fact, the name ‘Rimmel’ is frequently associated with mascara. Take the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara for example. This mascara comes with a grow-lash complex that will give you longer lashes instantly and overtime! The formula will strengthen, nourish and renew lashes for healthy lash growth.

Even if mascara is not your thing, Rimmel London has other quality products to offer. So continue reading as we draw your attention to the best products from Rimmel London:

  • Rimmel London Provocalips 16 HR Kissproof Lip Colour: If you are looking for a lip colour that will stick around all day (or almost all day), then the Rimmel London Provocalips 16 HR Kissproof Lip Colour is the one you are looking for. Unlike most long-lasting lip colours, this product will not make it feel like your lips are drying up. Instead, your lips will feel smooth and moisturized all day when you use this product. The lip colour is available in 10 different shades that will definitely suit one’s makeup preference.
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation: Most foundations come with a greasy finish that just makes your skin feel clogged and as though you are wearing a mask. Not so with this foundation from Rimmel London. The foundation does come with a matte finish that will stay matte for most of the day. And for people who are sensitive to fragrances of any kind, no worries as this foundation is guaranteed to be fragrance-free.
  • Rimmel London Natural Bronzer: Want that sun-kissed look but have no time to go to the beach or even sunbathe in your own garden? Then this powder-type bronzer is your answer. Other than being able to be used as a contour (for those who want more chiseled, slim facial features), the bronzer is formulated to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays. It is available in 4 different shades to suit a variety of skin tones.

Rimmel London Malaysia: Dancing Among the Stars

Rimmel London’s lineup of spokesperson has always been impressive. Among the celebrities that were the faces of Rimmel London are British singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, British entrepreneur and actor Lily Cole, Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki, British supermodel Kate Moss and many more. So far, Kate Moss has been a constant image of Rimmel London. Which is no surprise, as Kate is a London girl who closely identifies with the brand.

As part of Kate’s exclusive contract with Rimmel London, the brand has produced several products that combine the supermodel’s fashion-forward image with Rimmel London’s cosmetics vision. Here are a few products that were born as a result of that partnership:

  • Rimmel London x Kate Moss 15th Anniversary Lasting Finish Lipsticks: A collection of 6 lipsticks that celebrate the 15 years of partnership between the brand and the supermodel. The collection contains 3 shades of reds and 3 shades of nudes. The lipsticks come in a sweet pink and silver tube that looks sophisticated and very feminine.
  • Rimmel London Kate Mascara: With this very first mascara from Kate Moss, you can now achieve the same sultry look that is part of the supermodel’s overall makeup look. The mascara comes in 4 shades that will give your eyes a stunning pop of colour. The mascara comes with a broken heart-shapes brush that will give your lashes a voluminous lift.
  • Rimmel London Kate Shadow Sticks: Draw attention to your eyes with these eyeshadow sticks from Kate Moss’s very first collection of eye makeup products. Each of the 4 colours gives an intense colour payoff that will last almost all day.

Rimmel London Malaysia: Where Beauty and Innovation are Great Friends

Shop for trendy, quality beauty products from Rimmel London at affordable prices. If the brand’s array of products is not what you are looking for, then have a look at these other Makeup brands that we have to offer: