Revlon offers the widest array of beauty products ranging from makeup, hair care, skin care and perfumes. It is a trusted brand for both consumers and professionals, so if you want to know more about Revlon click here, or browse for your favorite products below.


Bring out your Inner Beauty with Revlon Malaysia

Among the biggest brands in the United States is now coming to Philippine shores, Revlon Malaysia offers a great lineup of beauty products for you. As a company dedicated to bringing out the best in every individual, Revlon offers skin care, hair care, make ups and perfumes that would suit your taste. The brand is also a favorite amongst professionals, making it a household name for many salons, not only in the Malaysia but across the globe.

About Revlon Malaysia

Revlon is one of the most recognized beauty brands from the United States. The company offers a great selection of beauty products ranging from makeup, skin care, hair care and perfumes for consumers and professionals. Established in 1931 during the great depression, founders Charles and Revson, along with chemist Charles Lachman created a new type of nail polish. What makes it so different from other products back in the day is its use of pigments instead of dyes and the trio created a new line of opaque nail enamel. They started selling their new product in drug stores and department stores in 1937. In just 6 years of operation, the trio reaped in millions from their nail polish line and eventually moved on to other beauty products such as lipsticks, skin care, and perfumes, acquiring several other companies along the way, further expanding their reach in terms of providing excellent products. Today, Revlon Malaysia enjoys a seat in the most elite salons across the globe

Exciting Beauty Products from Revlon Malaysia

As a company that started making nail polish in the 30s, Revlon Malaysia now has a wide range of products to offer to its customers. These products are made with the finest raw materials, skillfully combined to yield the best byproducts for its consumers. In addition, each piece of the Revlon collection undergoes rigorous clinical testing to guarantee safe usage for consumers. With almost 80 years of industry experience, you can trust Revlon Malaysia to bring out your inner beauty with these amazing products you can purchase online.

Revlon Makeup

Makeup is one of Revlon’s first line of products, initially produced during the 1940s. Their first line of cosmetics were lipstick and then moved to other products such as compacts and liners. Throughout the years, Revlon developed great makeup collections including Photoready™, Nearly Naked™, Colorstay™, and Age Defying™. With Revlon cosmetics, you can look and feel good all day, everyday!

Revlon Hair Care

Another famous line of Revlon products in the Malaysia is hair care. Used by many salons and professionals worldwide, Revlon boasts its wide array of hair colors, treatments, salon shampoos and conditioners, that would make hair styling better and easier. The best thing about Revlon hair care is that it is non-invasive and gentle, with soothing and moisturizing elements to prevent dryness and makes for easy styling.

Revlon Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ on the body which helps protect your inner organs from extreme elements and plays an important role in maintaining your immune system. Taking care of your skin is a must, especially if you want to look good. Realizing the importance of your skin, Revlon has a collection of skin care products that would make your skin look younger and more radiant.

Revlon Perfumes

Sometimes looking good is not always what we see but what we smell. Along with cosmetics, Revlon is also known for its selection of perfumes and perfume collections for men and women. In collaboration with the finest perfumers in the industry including, Steven Claisse, Givaudan, Annie Buzantian and Judith Cross, Revlon perfumes are expertly formulated to leave an enticing scent to its wearer.

Revlon Malaysia for Professionals

While Revlon is known for its consumer beauty products, the brand also manufactures goods for professionals. Working with professionals for professionals, Revlon Malaysia has an extensive line of products formulated for many salons around the country. Revlon boasts its professional collection such as Revlonissimo Colorsmetique for professional makeup and cosmetic products, NMT, Revlonissimo Technics and Color Care for professional hair treatments.

Revlon Malaysia is one of the biggest beauty brands in the Malaysia, for both consumers and professionals. Since 1937, the brand has been well-known to provide only the best products for their customers. Tried and tested by time and experience, the brand has a wide array of products ranging from hair treatments, skin care, makeup and perfumes that you can purchase online.