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RenGuangDo Camellia Seed Premium Honey Skin Rejuvenating & Whitening Mask 40ml
RM 199.10 RM 398.30

Brand from Hong Kong: RenGuangDo. Concentrated Camellia Seed Oil, Organic Honey Essence, Whild Ginseng. Angelica White Atractylodes Rhizome, Greenbrier Rhizome, Salvia Root and other precious Asian herbal extracts. Organic Honey Essence is a powerful. Natural skin restoration agent thanks to the abundance of premium honey extracts. Which can activate skin cells, restoring and reinvigorating to accentuate resilience. Suppleness and natural defense of the skin, effectively eradicating spots, freckles and fine lines. Combine with concentrated camellia Seed Oil, Wild Ginseng, Angelica White. Atractylodes Rhizome, Greenbrier Rhizome, Salvia Root and other precious Asia herbal extracts. Camellia Seed Premium Honey Skin Rejuvenating and Whitening Maks can effectively improve micro-circulation of the face. Leaving skin young, tender and radiant. How to use: Apply a suitable amount of the mask and spread evenly on face and neck. Avoiding area around the eyes, add Camellia Seed Cleansing Milk and drops of water, mildly press on the skin. Specially on freckles and fine lines to allow all nutrients go deeply into the foundation of the skin for ideal absorption and intake. Leave for 15 minutes, and cleanse with water. Finally, soak cotton puff with Camellia Seed Essence and tap all over the face to added moisturizing and toning. This product contains natural enzymes, please stir well before use. It is recommended to repeat this routine 2 to 3 times per week. Store for a maximum period of 24 months in a cool, dry place.

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RenGuangDo Camellia Seed Hair Loss Control & Enlivening Essence 160ml
RM 340.00

Brand from Hong Kong: RenGuangDo. Contains a powerful series of extracts drawn from Camellia Seed. Anagain (Organic peasprout extracts), RootBioTec HW(basil root extracts). Ginseng and working together with HairSpa, Licorice acid, sugar beet. Vitamin B5 to offer unparalleled hair care and regeneration. A portolio of patented ingredients to help reduce hair loss re-energize follicales, and provide better nutrition for your hair. Encourages hair growth, while extending the longevity of hair strands. Camellia seed hair loss control and enlivening essence has high anti-oxidizing benefits specially created for a strong scalp and amazing hair. Anagain is a Swiss patented formula created to awaken hair follicles, restore the vitality of your hair, and reinvigorate hair growth. It will prolong the life cycle of healthy hair growth, prevent premature aging of hair, stimulate for hair re-generation and reduce hair loss. RootBio Tec HW orginates from Ayurveda of Ancient India, boasting 5,000+ years of traditional wisdom in unique herbal therapeutic methods. Research has shown that this is effective in reducing harmful effects of DHT on follicles, while conspicuously reducing hair loss, stimulating hair dollicles and scalp to produce thicker, more beautiful, finer hair. HairSpa is a french patented formula excellent in moisture retention. It helps to lock moisture in to every hair strand, enabling hgrowth of stronger, healthier, smoother, easy-to-comb, fine hair. It works to reactivate the scalp, promote hair follicle cell renewal, regulate and balance the scalp on oil secretion, effectively reducing dandruff while strenghtening it to reduce hair loss. Vitamin B5 is also know as Vitamin for strong hair. It does play an improtant role in healping healthy hair growth - for it stimulates the hair follicles, keeping moisture abundat for healthy hair, enabling shiny, smooth, fine hair strand. How to use: Wet hair or part hair into smaller groupings. Apply camellia seed hair loss control and enlivening essence evenly by spraying directly onto scalp, from front to back covering the entire scalp area. Use finger tips to massage scalp in circular motion to enable better nutrent penetration. No Rinsing is necessary. Apply Camellia Seed Hair Loss Control and Enlivening Essence once each morning and evening for a total of 12 weeks to transform to healthier scalp and thicker, mroe beautiful hair. For more ideal results, please combine this routine using Camellia Seed Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo for hair wash.

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