Redefining your cabling game, the Remax cables are designed to work and fit well with your energetic lifestyle. Read more about Remax cables in Malaysia here below.


Top Remax Computer Cables Price List 2020

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Remax Laser Data Cable RM 9.00 Lazada
Remax RU-U3 RM 25.00 Shopee
Remax RA-USB2 RM 4.90 Lazada
Remax Emperor Data Cable RM 8.50 Lazada
Remax Knight Date Cable RM 6.90 Lazada
Remax Armor Data Cable RM 4.00 Shopee
Remax Shell Data Cable RM 5.90 Shopee
Remax Platinum RC-044A RM 6.90 Lazada
Remax Gplex Data Cable RM 15.90 Lazada
Remax Emperor Data Cable Black RM 16.72 Lazada
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Remax Laser Data Cable

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Remax Cables Malaysia – How to Organize & Manage Your Cables

In a world of increased connectivity, the path that the technology brings to us has became faster and more responsive like never before. Not just that, the rapid advancement of technology also means more and more appliances are going to be wireless. Despite this, there are tons of appliances that still utilize cables and cords to connect with other devices. Little by little, you have managed to erect an entire labyrinth of tangled cables and cords that prove to be messy.

When it comes to matter of cable management, there are both art and science of applying them in your messy situation. A well-organized cable arrangement certainly works wonder to enhance your working desk or room dramatically. Thankfully, there is a simple guide that will help you to organize your cable in a more effective way.

What You Can Do

Corner Ducts

Ideally, the corner duct is actually an excellent way to do your audio setup that require you to put cables in the corner. In a simpler term, the corner duct is more like a surface raceway that is constructed precisely at 90° angle. Thanks to its wedged channel and sliding cover, it enables easy installation of your cables. Blending perfectly in the background, the corner duct is the tool that you need to make invisible wire. At the same time, it helps you to set up your seamless cable arrangement which can fit well with your modern and minimalist interior design.

If you are creative enough, you will know that the corner ducts can even double as crown moulding as part of your ceiling. With this newfound use of your corner ducts, your modern design interior game will be strengthened tremendously.

Cord Covers

When you are having a big party in your home or office, you are going to build your audio setup for an epic celebration. However, you will face a problem as there will be too many wires and cables going around. In fact, some of your guests or friends might fall down as they trip over them. Do not worry because you have cord covers to prevent such accidents. Thanks to them, you can still enjoy your party without any accidents. Aside from preventing trip hazards, it is remarkable that they have no problem of fitting with your modern interior.

Cord & Wire Channels

Although they are similar like the surface raceways, cord and wire channels are different because they feature a narrow wire slot for the purpose of adding or removing wires one by one. You will discover that the cord and wire channels are indispensable when it comes to managing long wiring or cabling length. Incredibly, they are also easy to install since they come with adhesive tapes.

Surface Raceways

The tried and true surface raceways are your friendly additions to conceal your wire or cable. Simple and reliable, they are easy to use. Not just that, they are literally built to blend well with your beautiful interior design. While hiding your wires, you will be surprised at how much they can bring in enhancing the look of your place.

Remax Malaysia Cables – Maximizing Your Performance & Pleasure

From USB cables to audio cables, Remax is the brand that offers amazing cable designs that will suit your modern and minimalist interior design. Most importantly, they are designed to perform well. For more Remax products, feel free to take a look at Remax.