Feel the air buoyancy when you stroll about in a pair of Reebok pumps that keep you and the earth’s gravity in sync. If you lead an active lifestyle, then Reebok Malaysia is the brand for you. Browse the brand's latest athletic apparels such as sports bras, shorts, jackets, duffle bags, crapis, and singlets or read more about the brand below.


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Reasons to Workout with Reebok Malaysia!

Perhaps one of the most well-recognized sports brands today, Reebok is a revolutionary when it comes to sportswear. The brand is dedicated to creating cutting-edge sportswear, shoes, and accessories to help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The brand is well-known in the CrossFit scene for creating products dedicated to the needs of CrossFitters across the globe. However, you don't have to be one to enjoy the fashionable and functional collection of shoes and apparel from Reebok Malaysia. Here are reasons why you should switch to Reebok:

Reebok Technologies

One reason that you should consider about Reebok is the unique technologies that they have developed for athletes throughout the years. Focused mostly on their footwear line, Reebok ensures comfort, function, and style when it comes to their sneakers. Below are some technologies that your Reebok shoe most likely would have:

Reebok EasyTone

By incorporating balance pods under the heel and the forefoot of the shoe, it creates a natural instability in each step that helps tone your legs. Your muscles adapt to the subtle instability, unknowingly tensing up your leg muscles,

Reebok KineticFit

This technology uses a series of engineered stretched panels that help accommodate changes in size and shape of your foot every time you move.

Reebok HexRide

HexRide is a cushioning technology developed by Reebok that cushions your foot while providing a lightweight ride. The cushion is hollowed out into hexagonal recesses which traps air and is sealed with an impact-resistant polymer.

Reebok DMX Foam

A signature footwear foam used by Reebok that is more consistent and typically lasts longer than conventional midsole foams.

Reebok DMX Shear

Another cushioning system developed by Reebok, the DMX sheer works to evenly distribute stress at the heel on impact. By allowing the foot to continue to move forward while slowing down the heel, the force is evenly distributed vertically and horizontally.

Reebok DMX Max

Another technology developed by Reebok, the DMX Max is a hollow two-pod cushioning system designed to incorporate as much DMX cushioning as possible. The air trapped inside the cushion travels back and forth with each stride which delivers sensational comfort.

Labels launched by Reebok

A street-inspired footwear label named Rbk was launched by Reebok in 2002. Targeting a younger audience, the brand infused music, sports and entertainment with its Rbk label. Shoes were stylish, cool and edgy in design and Reebok once again held the spotlight by collaborating with well-known rapper Jay-Z for a collection. This was also a first of its kind for a non-athlete to have a signature athletic footwear collection.

Besides streetwear, Paul Litchfield who is Reebok’s current Head of Advanced Concepts came out with a new idea to improve the fit of its sneakers in the late 1980s. His new idea was to upgrade Reebok’s once renowned pumps by installing inflatable chambers that “pump up” the shoe for a customized fit. With no two feet being alike, your Reebok pumps will have comfortable and snug fit shoes as the pumped air can equalize your feet and the ground. Back then, it was considered a crazy idea.

Reebok Athletes and Endorsements

The youngest male Grand Slam titleholder Michael Chang was a very appealing ambassador for Reebok. Basketball superstars like John Paxson and Horace Grant of the Chicago Bull, Shaquille O'Neal were among Reebok’s most successful basketball players that hyped up the Reebok pumps. The Reebok Pump D-Time was the signature shoe for basketball star Dee Brown, who wore the pumps when he won the '91 Slam Dunk contest after pumping up his Omni Lites.

Other celebrity endorsements of the Reebok brand include Erin Andrews, Nicole Scherzinger, Chad Johnson, Toni Nkhahle, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, Amir Khan and many more.

Reebok and CrossFit

Reebok the brand which is a strong supporter of fitness training is also a major sponsor of the CrossFit sport. According to William O'Connor of The Daily Beast, CrossFit has spread like wildfire in the fitness community, starting as one Santa Cruz-based gym in 2000 and growing to over 10,000 worldwide. Social engagement was a key factor in popularising the sport as more people are getting more health and fitness conscious. Reebok is the official CrossFit gear for cross-fitters worldwide as Reebok gear isrecognised for its durability-focused fitness gear. Reebok sponsors the sport itself as the fans of the CrossFit sport are also the athletes.

Reebok is a sports brand trusted by many athletes across the globe. The brand creates footwear and apparel built-in with cutting-edge technology that you can't get from other brands. Find the best Reebok products at iPrice!