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Raycop Price in Malaysia for October, 2018

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Raycop S300 UVC Antibacterial Dust Mite Allergen Mattress Vacuum FREE extension
RM 1,799.00

- The RAYCOP RS is our high-performance allergen vacuum. - Unique features of RAYCOP allergen vacuums include a dual filtration system incorporating a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter - Proven to capture 99.9% of common allergens - Combination of ultraviolet light technology, optimized suction, and pulsating pads in RayClean Technology® - 3x more effective at capturing pollutants than a regular vacuum. - Sleek, sturdy and rich in high-performance features, the RS is your best choice for sanitizing any fabric surface in your home. Product Features: - Patented RayClean Technology® - 3x more effective at removing allergens than standard vacuum - 2 suction modes: normal and heavy - Ultraviolet light to eliminate harmful bacteria and virus’ - Pulsating pads agitate and loosen dirt and dust mite matter - Rotating brush loosens surface dust and hair - HEPA filter traps and eliminates pollen, dust mite matter and dirt - Dust box filter captures larger dust and dirt particles - Ultraviolet light active display and safety technology - Power safety lock - Overheating prevention mechanism Extraction rates: - Bacteria: 99.99% after 2 seconds - Virus: 99.99% after 5 seconds - Pollen: 99.8% after 1 minute - House dust: 99.9% in 1 minute Why is purifying your beddings of utmost importance A bedding could be a serious source of pollution, home to dust mites, fine particles (PM2.5), bacteria, molds, pollen, skin scurf, and many other harmful substances invisible to the naked eyes. These pollutants could lead to, among other health issues, skin allergies, nasal allergies, asthma, immune diseases, lung diseases, skin and sleep disorders. Dust mites and fine particles (PM2.5) are proven to be the main culprits for a series of asthma, allergic skin and lung diseases. Vibration pad At a frequency of 4000 hits per minute, dust mites and harmful particles hidden deep within a bedding are removed. Bedding brush (RS model) The ultra high-speed bedding brush is effective in removing hair and skin scurf, while protecting the beddings Sterilizing UV rays UV rays with wave length of 253.7nm are highly effective in killing bacteria. The light-sensitive sensor ensure the UV utilization is safe to humans. Deep purifying The optimized suction power of the device ensures that the dust mites and harmful particles are instantly removed, while clean air is released through its HEPA level 13 micro filters. Raycop effectively in removing dust mites and harmful particles (PM2.5) on a beddings.

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