Ray-Ban is one of the world's renowned eye-wear brands that continues to take the fashion world by storm, mostly known for its designer Wayfarer and Aviator style of sunglasses. Representing over eighty years of authentic style in sunglasses, Ray-Ban has left a permanent mark that cannot be erased when it comes to the world of eye-wear. Read more about Ray-Ban Malaysia below to find out.

How do you know if Ray-Ban sunglasses are authentic? | Is Ray-Ban worth the money? | Where can I buy Ray-Ban Malaysia online?


Top Ray-Ban Sunglass Designs that Redefine Cool

With its legendary reputation, Ray-Ban Malaysia has contributed to the idea of fashionable sunglasses that still dominates the fashion world. Moreover, Ray-Ban delivers award-winning designs every aspiring fashionista loves to wear to complement their outfit choices. When it comes to sunglasses, the popular Ray-Ban sunglasses are seen as top choices because they exude simplicity and sophistication in the same breath. Here is a helpful guide which lists the top Ray-Ban sunglass designs that redefine the concept of being cool.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

As one of the most iconic Ray-Ban sunglasses globally, the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses are a timeless model that combines great aviator styling with exceptional quality, performance, and comfort. Originally, this pair of sunglasses were designed for American aviators in 1937. Simple and sophisticated, it is little wonder that the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic has been hailed as a stylish design that will never run out of style. Tom Cruise even popularized this legendary Ray-Ban design as his signature style move in the popular movie, "Top Gun".

Without a doubt, the tear-shaped of this Ray-Ban sunglasses and its thin metal frame prove itself as a fashionable combination that inspires countless variations in other parts of the world. It is the iconic silhouette that put the style in the design department of the eyewear. Even though the style itself has undergone several changes over the decades, the essence has remained unchanged. It comes with several types of lenses you can choose from: gradient, polarized, and simple matte.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

It is interesting to find that the Ray-Ban Wayfarer earns its well-deserved reputation as "unmistakable". With its trapezoidal frame slightly bent inwards, this particular Ray-Ban sunglass design is another iconic eyewear design from Ray-Ban. At the same time, the entire design showcases Ray-Ban's ingenuity and attention to detail. It is very resistant and offers you "weighty" feel than your regular thin metal frame due to heavier material. Unsurprisingly, the material will make you feel like it is hard to break this Ray-Ban pair.

Once again, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer was also popularized by Tom Cruise in the movie, "RiskyBusiness". Slick and city-like, these unique design features may explain its popularity among the urban crowd. However, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is a unisex frame, and you should pay more attention to your face size before wearing it. It is highly recommended to wear the Ray-Ban Wayfarer if you have an oval, round, and heart face shape.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster

From its name, you can already tell that the Ray-Ban Clubmaster is all about setting new trends or laying out a new law like a true trailblazer. This magnificent pair of sunglasses will redefine the meaning of cool and fabulous. For partygoers, cultural intellectuals and fashion aficionados. The striking thing about this Ray-Ban sunglass design is that it just screams retro vibe. Sleek and simple, the Ray-Ban Clubmasters is one sexy piece of accessories you can wear with confidence. It is also appropriate for the "morning-afters" when all you want to do is a shade away from the sun.

Its frame is made from thick acetate at the top and metal at the bottom. Since the Ray-Ban Clubmaster is browline style, it can give you a"wow" when you wear it. Depending on your taste, you can pick the one which showcases your unique personality perfectly. Among the best-known choices is the Havana colourway, which offers a beautiful silhouette that can complement your overall look. The Ray-Ban Clubmasters has been said to be perfect sunglass design for round, oval, or heart face shapes.

How do you know if Ray-Ban sunglasses are authentic?

To find out if your Ray-Ban Malaysia sunglasses are authentic, check the printing on the lenses. Ray-Ban original sunglasses will have the initials RB printed on one of the lenses, usually on the far left side of the left lens. The Ray-Ban logo will also be printed in white on the top corner of the right lens. The printing for all should be crisp and clean. The price of the sunglasses can also help determine if a Ray-Ban is original. Most Rayban original shades cost around US$150 or MYR640. If it costs considerably less, it could be a fake or a product with a defect. If buying online, ask your seller for proof of authentication.

Why is Ray-Ban so expensive?

According to CBS News, Ray-Ban glasses and the likes are so expensive because the majority of the glasses and shades in the market are made by an Italian company named Luxottica, which monopolise about 80% of the business in the eyewear industry.

Is Ray-Ban worth the money?

Ray-Ban has been a classic for sunglasses in the market since the 1930s. They have been making high-quality frames and glasses for over 80 years, it is worth every penny. Their high-quality frames and protective lenses are on par with their latest fashion and high performance, just-right fit for any look and occasion.

How long does Ray-Ban last?

If wear regularly, probably after two or three years, the lenses started to get scratched if we did not look after them. Ray-Ban lenses certainly can last a very long time if you taking care of them.

Where can I buy Ray-Ban Malaysia online?

You can check trusted online merchants like Reebonz, Jomashop, and Vestiaire Collective. Shopee and Lazada also offer Ray-Ban sunglasses, but you must double-check their authenticity.