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Ray Ban is one of the world's renowned eye-wear brands that continues to take the fashion world by storm, mostly known for its designer Wayfarer and Aviator style of sunglasses. Representing over seventy years of authentic style in sunglasses, Ray Ban has left a permanent mark that cannot be erased when it comes to the world of eye-wear. Read more about Ray-Ban in Malaysia here below to find out.

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Top Ray-Ban Sunglass Designs that Redefine Cool

With its legendary reputation, Ray-Ban has contributed to the idea of fashionable sunglasses that still dominates the fashion world. Moreover, Ray-Ban delivers award-winning designs every aspiring fashionista loves to wear to complement his or her outfit choices. When it comes to sunglasses, the popular Ray-Ban sunglasses are seen as top choices because they exude simplicity and sophistication in the same breath. If you do not know Ray-Ban sunglass to get, here is a helpful guide which lists the top Ray-Ban sunglass designs that redefine the concept of being cool.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

As one of the most iconic sunglass models in the world, the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses are a timeless model which combines great aviator styling with exceptional quality, performance, and comfort. Originally, this pair of sunglasses were designed for American aviators in 1937. Simple and sophisticated, it is little wonder that the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic has been hailed as a stylish design that will never run out of style. Most people will agree that it is the coolest eyewear style in the world. Worn by celebrities and politicians alike, the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic emerges as the symbol of coolness. Not only that, Tom Cruise even popularized this legendary Ray-Ban design as his signature style move in the popular movie, "Top Gun".

Without a doubt, the tear-shaped of this Ray-Ban sunglasses and its thin metal frame prove itself as a fashionable combination that inspires countless variations in other parts of the world. It is the iconic silhouettes that put the style in design department of the eyewear. Even though the style itself has undergone several changes over the decades, the essence has remained unchanged. It comes with several types of lenses you can choose from: gradient, polarized, and simple matte. If you want to use the prescription lenses, the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic can fit them well.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

It is interesting to find that the Ray-Ban Wayfarer earns its well-deserved reputation as "unmistakable". With its trapezoidal frame slight bent inwards, this particular Ray-Ban sunglass design is another iconic eyewear design from Ray-Ban. At the same time, the entire design showcases Ray-Ban's ingenuity and attention to detail. When you wear this pair of Ray-Ban sunglass, you will be surprised to find that it gives solid feeling. Due to heavier material, it is very resistant and offers you "weighty" feel than your regular thin metal frame. Unsurprisingly, the material will make you feel like it is hard to break this Ray-Ban pair.

Once again, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer was also popularized by Tom Cruise in the movie, "Risky Business". Slick and city-like, these unique design features may explain its popularity among the urban crowd. Depending on your gender and face size, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer design comes in a wide variety of different sizes. However, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is a unisex frame and you should pay more attention on your face size before wearing it. It is highly recommended to wear the Ray-Ban Wayfarer if you have oval, round, and heart face shapes. Among its colorways, the black acetate finish is the most popular choice so far. If you do not fancy the black color, you can take a look at other interesting color choices such as rainbow or tortoise shell.

Ray-Ban Clubmasters

From its name, you can already tell that the Ray-Ban Clubmasters is all about setting new trends or laying out a new law like a true trailblazer. This magnificent pair of sunglasses will redefine the meaning of cool and fabulous. For party goers, cultural intellectuals and fashion aficionados, the Ray-Ban Clubmasters is designed perfectly for you. The striking thing about this Ray-Ban sunglass design is that it just screams retro vibe. Since it was said that its retro aspect dated back from the 50s, you could agree that it was a living relic of awesomeness. Sleek and simple, the Ray-Ban Clubmasters is one sexy piece of accessories you can wear with confidence. It is also appropriate for the "morning-afters" when all you want to do is shade away from the sun.

Its frame is made from thick acetate at the top and metal at the bottom. Since the Ray-Ban Clubmasters is a browline style, it can give you an instant style boost when you wear it. The browline also comes in a variety of different color choices you can choose from. Depending on your taste, you can pick the one which showcases your unique personality perfectly. Among the best known choices is the Havana colorway which offers beautiful silhouette that can complement your overall look.

It is a classic design that will sit well with those that enjoy timeless aspect of it. While the standard color for Ray-Ban Clubmasters lenses is green, you can always change them if you prefer other color choices. The Ray-Ban Clubmasters has been said to be perfect sunglass design for those that have round, oval, or heart face shapes.