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6 Tips for Buying the Best Leather Goods from RAV Design Malaysia

Just like many popular accessories, leather goods have become an ultimate style statement for men today. One of the brands that offer such accessories is RAV Design Malaysia. They have a wide array of leather products, ranging from trendy bags to leather wallets and belts. If you consider buying one, it’s important to spot the quality of the product first before doing so. To help you buy the best leather goods, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Examine the Leather

This may be a pretty obvious procedure yet it is a highly important one. Do not just glance on the leather, examine it carefully. If you see that the leather’s finish looks like it has been painted on, then that means the leather is not high quality. Another way is to see if the material smells of vinyl. You can also pull and bend the material to see if it shows any signs of tearing or breaking. Fine leather just like from RAV Design has high-density fibers, therefore it should feel sturdy and heavy. On the other hand, leather with poor quality feels a bit spongy so keep an eye on such products.

Check the Stitching

The stitching on leather goods is one detail that most consumers overlook. At the same time, it’s a feature that RAV Design leather goods manufacturers take great pains when creating leather products. It’s important to check the kind of stitching your accessory has since stitches determine the product’s strength, appearance, and flexibility. Here are two of the most common types of stitching to watch out for when buying leather accessories.

Saddle Stitching

This type of stitching is the most preferred by most people. This is because it is the most visually appealing and the most durable. Saddle stitches are done by making a knot using two needles that pass through the same hole, then finishing it by pulling both needles in order to seal a knot. The good thing about this stitching is that the thread won’t unravel even if one stitch breaks. However, if you would like to remove the stitches, you have to remove each of the stitches which are a painstaking process.

Machine Stitching

This technique is done through a sewing machine to make a bunch of uniform loops on the material. The way it works is that the needle pairs with a thread and hooks to another thread while stitching. Since it ends up with a bunch of loops, if one stitch falls apart then the whole thing unravels.

Look for Burnished Edges

Burnished edges on leather goods are designed to protect the product from the elements. Without these features, the leather may rot due to excess moisture. These edges look like multiple layers of leather fused into one. Creating these fine edges takes great pains and only experienced artisans such as from RAV Design can craft such results. In addition, there is an edge dye that is used only for aesthetics. What’s important is the burnishing to ensure the durability of the product.

Take Note of the Cut

Looking for a bi-fold wallet? Then check for unnecessary stretch lines at the folds. Such flaws change the appearance and shape of the wallet over time. RAV Design Malaysia’s experienced craftsmen are experts in making sure that the leather material is cut into a “grain direction.” They are good at cutting the leather properly in order to perfectly crop the material without any flaws, scars or imperfections.

Think About the Thread

The thread is an important material that ensures the entire wallet is kept together. A high-quality wallet such as from RAV Design doesn't just come with a top-notch base material such as leather, it should also use strong threads which are mostly made from natural products such as flax plant or fiber. Nylon threads are actually good, but linen is better because of its coarse and dry property, making it sturdier. Also, linens are waxed before it is stitched into the leather, ensuring that it’s smoothly stitched from the first to the last detail and minimizing the unintentional creation of knots. The waxing also keeps the linen thread from flaring, adding more elegance to its finish.

Look at the Flat Corners

One of the tests of craftsmanship when it comes to wallets is the ability of the artisan to make folded edges. If a wallet is properly folded, they should appear thinned down. Not to mention, the corners are rounded and the stitches are meticulously sewed in place. On the other hand, right-angled corners and diagonal cuts are signs that the wallet is poorly crafted.

Leather goods are some of the most expensive apparels there is. That’s why if you’re planning to buy one, it is imperative that you scrutinize even its tiniest detail because it’s the smallest details that make leather good valuable. Crafting bags, wallets, and belts with this type of material is no easy task because it’s a fragile material. Crafting leather into perfection calls for a great precision. If you want to get your money’s worth, make sure that you keep these criteria in check.