As the top brands in the market of wireless peripherals such as gaming mice and keyboards, Rapoo is going to bring exceptional gaming gear that encourages seamless digital experience. Read more about Rapoo Malaysia below to find out.

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Rapoo S200 RM 229.00 Lazada
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Rapoo E1050 RM 38.00 Shopee
Rapoo VH200 RM 87.00 Shopee
Rapoo X1800 RM 57.00 Shopee
Rapoo E9070 RM 187.14 Amazon
Rapoo H6020 RM 66.93 Lazada
Rapoo N1190 RM 16.50 Shopee
Rapoo 8000 Black RM 244.00 Shopee
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Rapoo Malaysia – All About Seamless & Uninterrupted Digital Experience

About Rapoo - Certainty & Comfort

Based in China, Rapoo boasted more than 10 years of history. Founded as early as 2002, Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co Ltd or Rapoo initially focused on producing peripherals especially for the personal computers or PC. Even then, Rapoo has been operating as an original equipment manufacturer that chiefly manufactured parts or subsystems for other companies. The products that it manufactured had been receiving glowing recommendations from its clients who appreciated its work. When Rapoo decided that it wanted a switch from being OEM to being a full-fledged brand, it did it in the year 2007.

During that year, Rapoo launched its own brand and made its introduction with a series of campaigns. Concentrating on what it called as "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation", Rapoo relentlessly built its products and markets at the same time. After spending more than a decade of development, Rapoo subsequently possessed its own powerful R&D capabilities as well as highly advanced manufacturing management. In addition, Rapoo was also proud to be counted as one of the top brands in China in the category of gaming peripherals. Thanks to its dedicated after sales service system as well as strong relationships with suppliers, partners and customers, Rapoo has been ranked as the number 1 brand in China's wireless mouse and keyboard market for two consecutive years. As of now, Rapoo products have accumulated as much as 100 awards from domestic and abroad.

Icons Of Innovations

Since its inception, Rapoo has been making its mark in the history of gaming peripherals. With its clear determination and commitment in crafting exceptional products, Rapoo has been driven to do its best in making sure that it is able to develop and design products that make the real difference in the lives of its customers. Below is the list of achievements that Rapoo proudly boasts:

  • 2007 – Rapoo was rated as High Tech Enterprise in Shenzhen by Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Council
  • 2008 - IT mainstream information platform IT168 named Rapoo as the fastest growing band of 2007.
  • 2009 - Rapoo was being named as the one that possessed the largest market share in wireless mice and keyboards in 2008 by MicroComputer.
  • 2010 - Rapoo was a finalist at IF international design awards.
  • 2011 - The CEO of Rapoo, Zeng Hao was listed in Trend 2011 as one of the Top 10 Most Influential People along with global leaders from Asus, AMD, Intel and IBM.

Revolutionary Rapoo Products

Rapoo Gaming Mice

Rapoo V310 Laser Gaming Mouse
Featuring the state of the art gaming chip, V-power3, 32-bit ARM core, 60MHz running frequency and 1ms USB report rate, the Rapoo V310 Laser Gaming Mouse is all about promoting high speed response that suits aggressive and fast gaming style. Not only that, it is also designed so that you can play confidently and comfortably at the same time.
Incorporating the professional gaming sensor with a moving speed of up to 150ips and 30G acceleration, it supports free adjustment from 100 to 8200dpi. Accurate tracking is possible due to a lift-off distance of 1 to 5mm through the driver. Not only, the built-in flash memory can save up to 3 mouse configurations (DPI setting, macro and breathing light mode). In addition, you are able to switch between these modes smoothly. This means that you can play the way you want it on any computer without installing any software. It is that simple; plug and play.
Talking about its breathing light mode, this Rapoo gaming mouse is amazing as it boasts customizable 16 million color breathing light. As it is all about choosing the color that suits your mood and gaming style, you can choose options such as APM breathing mode, full spectrum mode and proximity sensing mode in order to make your instrument of war to be more awesome. In short, the Rapoo V310 Laser Gaming Mouse is your ticket to dominance and victory.

Rapoo Gaming Keyboards

Rapoo V500s Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Designed exclusively to match with your aggressive yet decisive gaming style, the Rapoo V500s Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is truly a magnificent gaming keyboard that you will learn to love. Featuring full mechanical key switches, life is indeed wonderful as one single key boasts the key life of up to 60 million operations. In other words, it just means that your keyboard is rightfully tough to withstand harsher punishments.
Moreover, the 92 keys are designed so that you can tap and press any number of keys simultaneously without worrying as each command is being registered and executed with great precision and accuracy. This is what it means when it says about non-conflict keyboard design.
Completely customizable to your needs, every single key in this keyboard is programmable in the game mode. As this Rapoo gaming keyboard adapts itself to your gaming style, you will find victory through series of precise presses. Not just that, the high-speed respond rate of this keyboard means that you are always one step ahead of your opponents. Thanks to built-in flash memory, you can save whatever configuration that you have made for your keyboard in the game mode. You can even use those configurations without any software when playing with other computers.
Featuring customizable backlighting, you can adjust the mode and region of the keyboard. This Rapoo gaming keyboard is cooler as its light can self-regulate the breathing frequency click according to your own APM or Action per Minute. Hence, this Rapoo V500S is such an awesome product which gives you the ability to conquer your game.

Rapoo Gaming Headsets

Rapoo S900
Incorporating the Bluetooth 4.1 wireless audio transmission, this Rapoo S900 gaming headset offers unparalleled audio experience that proves to be engaging and engrossing at the same time. The Rapoo S900 has been designed ergonomically so that you can wear it with more comfort. Such comfortability can be seen as you do not have to adjust your headset constantly when wearing it. At the same time, this Rapoo gaming headset is like a true smooth operator as it possesses lovely style that exudes true sophistication vibe.
As you are listening to its immersive 3D audio, you will appreciate how a good gaming headset should be. Furthermore, it is also being enhanced with aptX audio enhancement so that it produces rich and vivid audio quality. Moreover, it contains the NFC quick connection technology for your seamless wireless connection. What is even more amazing is that this Rapoo S900 contains a battery life of up to 15 hours so that you can enjoy playing or listening to music for a whole day.

Empowering Energetic Lifestyle With Rapoo Malaysia

Thanks to Rapoo, it designs and develops top quality gaming peripherals that enhance your gaming performance. Well-built and tough, these Rapoo products are crafted for those that desire more in maximizing gaming power and precision. You should check out Rapoo gaming products for the latest Rapoo products.