The fashion industry has gone through numerous evolution in styles and designs and while the trends usually just come and go, there are some fashion items that were there to stay regardless of time. One iconic unisex garment that is favoured by men and women from centuries ago until now is the polo t-shirt. The name that immediately rings a bell when it comes to polo T-shirts is Ralph Lauren, one of the world’s most prestigious labels of all time.

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The inspiring journey of Ralph Lauren making his way from dirt poor to be the fashion mogul

You may have already known that Ralph Lauren is currently the richest fashion designer in America with his net worth of $8 million dollar. But there is an untold story behind his crown of the fashion mogul. If you think it is the end of the world if you were born poor, think again because there is no dream that is unachievable as long as you never give up. Ralph Lauren’s journey to be granted one of the world’s fashion legends will give you faith that hard works do pay off. Let’s unveil the secrets to his success with iprice below.

The designer was born to a Jewish immigrant family together with his 3 siblings in the Bronx, New York. Ralph Lauren, or Ralph Lipschitz grew up in poverty and he spent most of his time getting lost in the fictional world of movies to escape the harshness of the reality. With a strong determination, he always set his goal to become a millionaire at early age.

“You have to create something from nothing” –Ralph Lauren.

The young Ralph Lauren entered the labour world as a normal clerk at Brooks Brothers, a clothing label where he first immersed himself in the fashion industry. The year 1967 marked an important turning point for Lauren when he started working at Rivetz & Co as a tie designer. His first products were professional ties with innovative wide and colorful design that earned over half a million dollar for him at that time.

He knew that his legacy had come at last when Bloomingdale’s in New York approached him with an offer to have his designs sold at the department store. Inspired by a polo match with many fabulous ensembles, the birth of a new fashion brand under the name Ralph Lauren was born. The fashion-forward garment, his iconic polo t-shirt was launched for the first time in the same year 1972 and soon made a huge trend around the globe. The name Ralph Lauren immediately shook up the fashion industry ever since.

Ralph Lauren is now still a fashion giant with more than 300 stores in the US alone and 100 more all around the world. He gave in everything he could to climb his way up to the ladder of success and so achieve the goal to be a millionaire.

A pillar to Ralph Lauren’s fashion empire

The legendary fashion career of the designer comes with his iconic and classical polo t-shirts under the name Polo Ralph Lauren.

The creator of polo t-shirt is believed to be Rene Lacoste, the founder of Lauren’s greatest competitor. This fashion staple was originally a tennis shirt. The material used to make these light weight and hydrophilic shirts was cotton pique which is still featured in the modern sportswear manufacturers today.

Not until Ralph Lauren turned this garment into a fashion statement for the upper strata that polo t-shirts became the must-have item in the fashion industry. The trademark of the label is emblazoned on every product which is now recognized globally. The logo is a silhouette of a polo player in motion, prominently knitted on a rich color fabric that is also symbolized for the rich and famous.

“We don’t sell an item, we sell a way of life.” –Ralph Lauren.

Still haven’t had enough of Ralph Lauren? Get to know about him more below!

Here are the fast facts that you would want to know about the living legend Ralph Lauren.

  • His last name was changed from Lifshitz to Lauren by his his brother after much humiliation during their teenage time.
  • Ralph Lauren served in the US Army for 2 years from 1962 to 1964. He was inspired a lot by the warrior’s strong will that was induced from the military uniform.
  • The fashion label’s first women clothing line was launched in 1971 in Beverly Hills, California.
  • He has an admirable car collection that is an envy of every person. One of the most valuable car of his is the 1938 Bugatti 57 S(C) Atlantic, the car that was hand-built by Jean Bugatti himself and there are only four cars were produced worldwide.
  • Ralph Lauren Fashion House was home to many famous top designers at some point, namely Simon Spurr, Todd Snyder, Tim Coppens (designers of RLX), Frank Muytjens, Thom Browne (of Club Monaco) and Michael Bastian.
  • Club Monaco is under the ownership of Ralph Lauren after the deal of $52.5 million closed in 1999.
  • The first and only Ralph Lauren restaurant was open in the US in 1999.
  • Ralph Lauren made a cameo in the famous series Friends playing himself as Jenifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green was an executive at his shop in Bloomingdale’s.
  • One of the world’s most expensive handbag is Ralph Lauren’s Ricky bag inspired by his wife with the value reaches up to $22,500.

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