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Rainbow Loom Malaysia — the rubber bands that will add colour and fun to your life

Taking rubber band bracelets to the next level, Rainbow Loom is a 21st century reinterpretation of the once famous friendship bands which were popular in the 90s. Let this bracelet be a reminder that your journey is as unique as you are.

About Rainbow Loom

The thought of entering the toy industry hadn’t even occurred to Malaysian born, Cheong Choon Ng who currently resides in the United States. The story of the Loom Band started out with the Rainbow Loom founder who wanted to join in the fun of his daughters when he saw them having fun making bracelets out of rubber bands.

He came up with a way to loop together tiny plastic bands to form bracelets using a loom because his fingers were too big to play along with his daughters. When he stumbled upon this idea, Cheong was still a crash-test engineer for Nissan. So, it all started because of a father-daughter bond.

Cheong’s older daughter, Teresa was the first to suggest selling the bracelets as kids took it well. Cheong then spent a total of six months developing the product and came up with 28 different versions. The family then invested their entire life savings of $10, 000 into getting 907kg of rubber bands from China and ordered tooling. They then assembled the kits themselves in their garage.

By mid-2011, Cheong was selling kits under the name Rainbow Loom at $15. Each kit consisted of a small plastic loom (2” by 8”), a crochet hook and 600 multi-coloured mini rubber bands. It wasn’t until the middle of 2012 that he got his first customer – Learning Express Toys, an American franchise that ordered 24 looms. They sold out within the span of two days and Cheong’s business bloomed.

Rainbow Loom Malaysia rubber bands

The company is now operating under Choon’s Design, and is headquartered in Wixom, Michigan. Choon’s Design has sold over 8 million units globally and 40 million packs of rubber bands. Understanding the fad might fade or phase out, Cheong has invented the travel-size Finger Loom and is in the works of expanding in Japan and Germany.

If you thought Rainbow Looms were strictly catered to kids, then you definitely thought wrong. Adults and DIY enthusiasts all around the world have been hooked into the craze and created many items besides bracelets and jewellery. For example, loom bands can be used to make accessories, toys, key rings, phone cases and even shoes. Television host Jimmy Kimmel even made an appearance on his show wearing a jacket and trousers made entirely out of loom bands.

Jimmy Kimmel also donated the “Suit Of The Loom” to help 7-year-old Max to fight Pediatric cancer. The brave boy Max Wilford, who has been battling brain cancer, was welcomed to the Jimmy Kimmel night show to meet Iron Man and was gifted a Disney World pass along with a “Super Max” Rainbow Loom cape! Kimmel’s suit auctioned on ebay will be contributed to The Max Love Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to help and support childhood and families in need of funds or support.

Love for the Rainbow Loom Malaysia

Rainbow Loom fans are as diverse as the colour scheme of their rubber bands. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Prince William, the Duchess of Cornwall, David Beckham, Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, Fearne Cotton and even The Pope have been photographed with their Rainbow Loom bracelets. The crazy has even crossed over to the rock scene as Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder was spotted wearing the teen-craze bracelet.

There are counterfeits of Rainbow Loom in the market, so do look out for the original imprint at the bottom of each Rainbow Loom plate as shown in the picture below to ensure that all materials are certified for the safety of you and your loved ones.

Shopping for your loved ones or looking to introduce a new activity to your kids? Give the Rainbow Loom a try. Save valuable time from your busy schedule by doing your research and even shopping online for Rainbow Loom at iprice Malaysia. You can also get a wide range of toys and bracelets at the iprice store ranging from Rainbow Loom rubber bands to set kit to educational brain teasers.

Colourful rubber bands in a Rainbow Loom kit

A quick look at the Rainbow Loom website shows that there are plenty of designs for you to experiment with. The instructional videos are separated into three categories, namely Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of Rainbow Loom bracelets:

  • For the newbies - the Single Chain Bracelet, Diamond Bracelet, Honeycomb Bracelet, Single Rhombug Bracelet, Diamond Trio Bracelet, Speckled Rhombus Bracelet, Diamond Ridge Bracelet, Triangle Bracelet, Bead Ladder Bracelet, Triple Single Backpack Tag, Spiral Bracelet or the MaxLove Bracelet.
  • Intermediate Rainbow Loomers - For bracelets there’s the Taffy Twist, Double Bead Ladder, Rainbow Ladder, Zippy Chain, Holiday, Liberty Twist, Team Spirit, Double Forward Rhombus, Tulip Tower, Heart, Sweetheart, Serpentine, Butterfly Blossoms, Diamond with Rings, Triple Single with Rings, Raindrops, Rectangle, Rose Garden, Upsy Daisy Twistzy Wistzy, Fossil, and House Steps. Feel like making rings instead? Try the Crossed Hexagon Ring or the Butterfly Blossom Ring tutorials.
  • Advanced Rainbow Loom enthusiasts - Choose your favourite from designs like Zig Zag, Starfish, Twistzy Wistzy, Ladybug, Honey Bee, Star Burst, Flower Power, Rainbow Blooms, Carnation, Birds of Paradise, Delta Wing, Totem Pole, Fen’s Fantastic, Feather, Confetti Criss-Cross, Hibiscus, Layered Diamond and charms like Rainbow Bloom.

It all starts with a single loop, Rainbow Loom makes it easy and simple for all to learn and be creative and crazy with these colourful rubber bands. Each Rainbow Loom kit has clear instructions to get you started and its website is updated frequently with new ways of making new things like animals, dresses and free templates according to the seasons and festival! Start Looming now with Rainbow Loom rubber band kits!