Racing Boy is a company that produces motorcycle aftermarket parts and accessories. Since 1995, the brand has been in Malaysia. Thousands of products have been made, including rims, absorbers, braking systems, engine parts, handling systems, and so on.

Racing Boy | Product List


Racing Boy - Overview and Products list

Overview about Racing Boy

After rebranding as Racing Boy in 1998, Mr. Lee Meng Teck, a humble mechanic from Bukit Mertajam, and his brothers landed a deal with a Shanghai OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to begin designing, producing, and manufacturing their products. They were the first local manufacturer to sell colored rims for these limited capacity motorcycles in 2002.

With victories comes further recognition, which is then accompanied by greater capital gains and expansions. This resulted in more Racing Boy goods, and they began exporting to other southeast Asian countries in 2007, as well as Greece in 2010.

What are the products of Racing Boy?

They got a bunch of product that was a best seller. They do have almost every part on the motorcycle. They were one of the most popular brands among the rider in Malaysia. You can check out their product on iPrice website.

Part and Accessories

Every part and accessories were made to avoid or lessen the damage on your motorbike. So, here is some best seller product that you can get it from iPrice website:

  1. Racing Boy Footrest Race RCB Yamaha
  2. Racing Boy Footrest Brake Pedal RCB S2 Y15ZR
  4. Racing Boy Pedal Alloy With Rubber RCB Unfolding Type
  5. Racing Boy Footrest Racing Assy RCB V3 LC135New (5 Speed)

Sport Rim

All the features traits of precision, elegance, and enduring aesthetic design. It reflects a distinguished sense of style by providing a sleek, amazing, and fast feel to the wheels. Your bike will naturally look faster and fiercer on the road.

You can get a variety of Rim under their brand such as LC 135 5S RACING BOY FG 510 FORGED SPORT RIM (185/250x17) and Yamaha Y15ZR & LC135 (5S) Sport Rim Forged FG525 185/250-17 (Orange) Racing Boy.