Are you ready for another adventure? With Quiksilver, you will always be ready. From bags to footwear to clothing, you can trust Quiksilver to guide you every step of the way. The brand is one of the biggest manufacturers of streetwear and quality outdoor apparel, specializig in surfwear and boardsports, that you can take anywhere with you on adventures around the world. Quiksilver Malaysia’s got the right goods for you below.


Be Adventurous with Quiksilver Malaysia

When it comes to outdoor and apparel, Quiksilver is a brand you can trust; providing you with bags, clothing and footwear which are light but durable, perfect for your outdoor escapades. If you are thinking of picking up a few things from Quiksilver Malaysia for your planned trip, then we have a couple of recommendations that you should have on your backpack.

Quiksilver - the early years

While Quiksilver is known mostly for its stunning designs in streetwear, the brand is actually made for surfers and other boardsports such as skateboarding. In 1969, founder Alan Green from Victoria, Australia loaned $2500 from his father and created wetsuits for surfers. After its success, Alan partnered with cofounder John Law and created Quiksilver’s first boardshorts - an essential surfing garment. The two are attributed for spreading the popularity of surfing apparel, not only in Australia but around the world.

Today, Quiksilver is operates with 834 flagship stores across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Europe. The company also manufactures apparel for women under Roxy, DC and Quiksilver Women. What’s so appealing about Quiksilver is its dedication to surfing and boardsports. Since its establishment, Quiksilver had sponsored events, surfers, skateboarders and have collaborated with them to bring the best products to the public, but you don’t have to be a surfer to get the latest Quiksilver bags and clothing in Malaysia!

The Quiksilver name and logo

Quiksilver has been a household name for surfers, skateboarders and travellers for providing quality outdoor goods, and along with it comes the popularity of the Quiksilver logo. According to its founder Alan Green, his wife - Barbara, was reading a book when he came across the term “Quicksilver”, describing something elusive, liquid and metallic that can morph into anything at anytime. Alan later removed the ‘c’ and thus the term “Quiksilver” was born - a term used by alchemist to turn ordinary metals into gold.

The logo on the other hand was a co-creation between the two founders, Alan and John Law. It was inspired by the famous woodblock painting from the greatest Japanese painter in history - Hokusai called The Great Wave of Kanagawa. The logo features a wave on the left hand side, with a mountain on the background, similar to the famous painting.

Must-have Quiksilver apparel for travelling

Because of Quiksilver’s reputation for creating the best outdoor lifestyle items, Quiksilver appeals not only to surfers and skateboarders but also to travellers and backpackers all over the world. So if you are looking for items for your next adventure abroad, then here are must-haves from Quiksilver Malaysia that would definitely make your trip exciting!

Quiksilver Arch Rucksack Backpack

First thing’s first, you got to have a backpack to house all the things that you need for your trip. Quiksilver’s Rucksack Backpack does the job real well with its zipped, laptop-sized compartment and padded shoulder straps for comfort.
Quiksilver Original Scallop 15” Boardshorts

Definitely a backpacking essential; boardshorts are a must-have, especially if you are travelling to tropical countries with gorgeous beaches. This boardshort is an original design from the 1960s with double snaps and Velcro fly.

Quiksilver Sunglasses

Aside from bags and boardshorts, Quiksilver also has sunglasses that you can take anywhere with you. There are several designs to choose from, so take your pick!
Quiksilver Analog Display Japanese Quartz White Watch

Did we mention that Quiksiler also manufactures accessories? Watches are also available from Quiksilver. This analog display watch features a white silicone strap, Japanese Quartz movement, and water resistant up to 330 ft.

Quiksilver All Over Shampoo

Another travel essential that you should pick up is an all over shampoo. Clearly, backpackers around the world know how important space is when packing, that is why this all over shampoo solves it. Its an all-in-one bath and body essential that produces a soft lather and tenderly cleanses your skin.
Quiksilver Roaming Wallet

One of the most important things that you should have on your trip is your wallet. Quiksilver offers a classy alternative made with 100% polyurethane and vintage bicast leather and comes in with different colors!

Quiksilver Keep Going Riding Shirts

To warm you up on cold weather, Quiksilver’s Keep Going Riding shirts assures comfort and warmth. It is insulated with Taffeta lining and media pockets with buttons, for comfort for those cold nights.

Go on adventures with Quiksilver Malaysia

Specially designed for an active lifestyle, Quiksilver Malaysia gives you the best designs that would definitely make your adventures worthwhile. Aside from apparel, Quiksilver also manufactures shoes and tees for everyone with a bold spirit to travel and be active. The brand is continuously improving their designs both aesthetically and its functionality so browse around our gallery for more Quiksilver products.

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