Puma is the maker of top quality soccer boots, sport shoes made by Puma always gives superb comfort and ball control. This made the brand the most sort after sports shoe especially for football sport. Learn more about Puma sport shoes here.


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Puma Malaysia – upgrade your sports gear with Puma sport shoes

Puma sport shoes makes boot with class and a reputable history and has always been a leader in the industry. When Puma made the transition from K-leather to calf-skin leather, fans were up in arms luckily the new boots did not compromise much on performance. Instead, the new boots gave a new edge for players in terms of style as more colour combos were launched after.

Puma combines tradition and innovation, resulting in top quality soccer boots that delivers superb comfort and ball control. Their classic boots have been the choice of professional footballers for many years. The new soft leather and lightweight appeal got the fancy of many people all around the world. So comfortable and easy to wear, Puma designed it to give a real feel of a foot wrap in which your feet seem to be naturally wrapped allowing more ball control.

Puma sport shoes - Top choice for football enthusiasts

With over hundreds of choices of Puma Football & Futsal Shoes at iprice.my, you can definitely look for a pair that will suit your sporting needs. The following two series are the most sort after foot gear by soccer players around the world:

Puma Spirit II FG Mens Football Boots - These Puma sport shoes have been crafted with a cushioned insole and padded ankle collar for superb comfort, allowing you to get the most out of your game. It also built with inner quilts and upper stitches that offers a superior touch, the full lace fastening on the other hand offers a very secure fit when worn. With its moulded studs, wearers are also ensured to get great traction and stability that will help you be on the top of your game. This pair also does not compromise on style as Puma brands this pair with an extremely stylish look.

Puma King series - These boots keep your feet dry unlike most of the others soccer shoes with a secure leather padding that also protects the foot when kicking a hard ball. The Puma King 2013 is also reviewed to be the King of all soccer shoes as the leather softens by itself after a few runs. Keeping the shoes clean and new is also simple and can be done with just a little spit and polish. Forget the fancy colours, these black and white boots is all you need to enjoy a good game of soccer as they are the most proper boots.

Puma Evospeed sport shoes - Specially engineered to boost your speed, Puma Evospeed sports shoe series is one of the lightest football boots on the market. Created with three things in mind – light, flex and fit, this pair of foot gear will offer your body what it needs to move faster and help you get where you're going when you train and play.

Top 3 reasons to own a pair of Puma sport shoes

Here are top three reasons, we think that you should definitely own a pair of Puma shoes.

  1. Good quality – Made with high end facilities by Puma factories around the world, the padding for Puma sport shoes is able to offer that extra support that will keep feet at harm’s bay.
  2. Good fit - Very much true to size and seem to be built on the same sole plate, Puma sport shoes are very much a medium fit and they won’t suit the players out there who need that extra bit of width though the forefoot.
  3. Lightweight – made of lightweight package, the layered stitching of Puma sport shoes also offers an old school feel when worn. With the multi-layered stitching, the shoes are also more durable.

Hesitate no more when you shop for Puma Sport shoes as you can be assured to get high quality shoes! Get one now at iprice.my!