When you talk about Puma, only one things come to mind - SHOES! As one of the biggest manufacturers of sports wear and apparel, Puma shoes are sought after because of its simple yet bold designs as well as comfort and maximum performance. Puma shoes in Malaysia are now available for men and women.


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Get the Best Quality Puma Shoes in Malaysia

One of Malaysia’s best brands, Puma shoes are very much a staple when it comes to trainers, sneakers and sports shoes. While the brand is also a manufacturer of apparel and sportswear, Puma shoes are among their most popular products.

What makes puma different from other brands

As a brand dedicated to sports, Puma strives to compete other big names in the industry using their very own designs and improving functionality. While the brand is considered to be fashionable, their main goal is not to impress fashion afficionados but to provide comfort and improve performance for sports enthusiasts thus their constant strive for new and better ways to design sneakers and trainers. If you are a big sports buff, that is one thing that makes Puma shoes different from others, the strive to provide excellent shoes for optimum performance.

Knowing that sports had become a lifestyle, rather than a hobby, Puma shoes are mixing traditional sports shoe designs with current trends while still maintaining its functionality. Rather than the traditional sports categories, Puma envisions to provide shoes for people with an active lifestyle. You don’t have to be good at sports to sport the latest Puma sneakers in Malaysia!

Popular Puma sneakers in Malaysia

Puma has released different designs of sneakers in Malaysia but we have compiled the best and their most popular designs to date! Have a quick look at our collection of Puma sports shoes and find your own favorites!

Puma Suede low cut

Keep it cool and classy with a pair of Suede shoes from Puma. It comes in a wide range of colorways and is a must-have for shoe-holics out there!

Puma Clyde Script

While many people confuse a Clyde Script with a Suede, the difference between the two is that the Clyde’s sole is thinner than the Suede and the logos are a little different. These shoes are perfect if you want to go from sports to streets in no time!

Puma Cabana Racer

First produced in 1981, Puma Cabana racer is very popular since it caters to all: men, women and children, with different colorways to choose from. The design has a sporty look, with a leather top and an EVA midsole. It’s lightweight and great for running.

Puma Rio Racer

One of the reasons why this shoe made it on our list is because of its versatile design. Like the Cabana Racer, the Puma Rio is lightweight and come with a variety of colors to choose from. It is one of the best examples of mixing sports with fashion.

Puma EasyRider 3

Like its name, the EasyRider is exactly what it is. It is featherweight with a retro design. It’s mesh and suede adds to its breathability and overall comfort.

Puma Speed Cat

Since the North American market desires for thicker, chunkier soles, this design is more popular in Europe and in South America for its slim and sleek form, due to it being designed after race car shoes in many types of racing.

Puma Roma

For fans of subtlety and less chunky shoes, we give you the Puma Roma. It is a classic design from the brand and gives away that breezy look. It also features an EVA midsole for comfort and rubber outsole for traction.

Puma RS1

First released in the 80s, the Puma RS1 was originally designed as a running shoes but later appealed to be more casual than sporty. It is versatile and can be your go-to shoes if ever you need to go out with friends or hit the gym.

Puma Maya

Appealing to girls, this design features a suede and leather top, a rubber outsole with a vintage racing spike. It is primarily a women’s shoe due to its colorways but still features the comfort and durability of men’s footwear. Who says women can’t be sporty?

When it comes to selecting the best Puma sneakers, you have to consider the materials used, the design, comfort and most importantly, cost. If you are shopping for the hippest Puma shoes in Malaysia, go ahead and browse our gallery for more Puma shoes!