Puma shoes are comfortable, stylish and durable. They are suitable for walking, running, cross-training, and daily wear. From sports to fashion, Puma Malaysia is one of the hottest and coolest brands in the world. They cover sports apparel, shoes, clothing, fashion, accessories and a whole lot more. Read more about Puma shoes below.


The Best Puma Shoes in Malaysia

1. Puma Ignite Limitless

For many cross trainers, the Puma Ignite Limitless fits like a glove. Equipped with Puma’s proprietary IGNITE cushioning technology, you can train with peace of mind knowing that your impact on your feet are dispersed and your energy returned.

2. Puma Suede Classic

Often known as the quintessential Puma style, the design of the Puma Suede Classic is a staple in streetwear today. Having been around for decades, loyal fans of the shoe continue to buy it for years.

3. Puma Fierce Core

The Fierce collation from Puma is performance personified. Not only that, but it also comes in a distinct style that is highly functional as well. It features a slip-on design that cages your feet and its mesh combination provides stability without the need for laces.

4. Puma evoSPEED

These football shoes from Puma are notorious on the football field. Designed for speed, the Puma evoSPEED was tailored for casual and entry-level footballers to play at their fastest. It comes with a lightweight, soft synthetic leather upper and also a lightweight cushioning.

5. Puma Ignite evoKNIT

This cross-trainer shoe might just be the shoe for you if you run often and do weightlifting at the gym. It features a strap system that keeps your ankles and heels in place, providing additional support for your sprints.

Puma Shoes Malaysia: Iconic Pairs That You Should Definitely Cop

Powered by passion, Puma incorporates an equal amount of effort and time into all of its products. All Puma products are engineered precisely to take your love of sports and other physical activities to the next level. Among the best-selling Puma, products are their arsenal of shoes. Most of them have earned a well-deserved reputation for being fashionable, forward-looking, and "fast". If you have no idea which Puma shoe to get, here is an essential guide to popular Puma shoe choices everyone is talking about these days.

Puma Disc Blaze

Possessing a unique style which distinguishes itself than its other rivals, the gorgeous Puma Disc Blaze shoes bring its street sophistication to the table. Launched as early as 1992, the Puma Disc Blaze has been said to be ahead of its time because it pioneered the no-lace system and form-fitting for extreme comfort. The intricate details on its design made it a true OG sports shoe since no other shoe design could be compared to it during its release. As it represents power and precision, the Puma Disc Blaze is truly a fascinating shoe design with revolutionary features.

This Puma sneaker design boasts a multi-layered silhouette, unique cage design with the laceless system and its super comfortable Trinomic sole. All of these features combine together to present one of the smoothest rides in the realm of sneakers. Thanks to its legendary popularity, the Puma Disc Blaze has been the canvas of much collaboration between Puma and other companies or designers. These partnerships have worked well so far to deliver a wide range of exceptional Puma Disc Blaze designs. Fans love to collect different variations of Puma Disc Blaze shoes because they are all amazing designs with futuristic vibes.

Puma Ignite EvoKnit

Rather than just jumping into the latest craze of the premium knit-like upper, Puma proves it is different from the rest of shoe companies through its release of Puma Ignite EvoKnit training shoes. In this particular Puma shoe design, it has been developed to merge both fashion and sport aspects in a more cohesive look. Many people love how it feels good right out of the box. Featuring the latest sock-like fit that you never expect from Puma, the Puma Ignite EvoKnit is unlike anything you expect from the traditional Puma shoe design. It is an innovative mid-height upper which can hug your foot. Talking about its outsole, it boasts one of the best outsole durability among shoes with sock-like construction. In fact, this incredible quality is among the finest features that attract people to get their own Puma Ignite EvoKnit.

While it is durable, it is also flexible as well. As such, it is definitely good enough to work well with a wide variety of gym workouts. Furthermore, you will be surprised by its traction, especially when you walk in wet conditions. The Puma Ignite EvoKnit also offers enough arch support for a comfortable experience. Needless to say, this particular Puma shoe design becomes popular because you can wear it either as a casual shoe or a lifestyle shoe. Another appealing thing about the Puma Ignite EvoKnit is that it comes in a wide range of colour combinations. Simple and sophisticated, this Puma shoe design is highly recommended for those that prefer minimalist and modern footwear.

Puma Basket Citi Retro

As a throwback to some of the original Puma shoe designs, Puma releases the lovely Puma Basket Citi Retro shoes. At first glance, the Puma Basket Citi Retro shoes boast clean lines that will remind you of shoes from another time. Despite its classic look, you will be surprised that it packs the latest sneaker technology. Representing the perfect blend of both traditional and modern features, the Puma Basket Citi Retro has already made its fashion statement the moment you savour its look.

If you know a bit of sneaker history, you should expect that this Puma Basket Citi Retro design is the likely result when you combine both completely different shoe styles into a single design. The Puma Basket originally hit the scene in the 1960s as a basketball warm-up shoe. However, no one really expects it to be quickly adopted by the hip hop community. Eventually, it emerges as a pop culture icon that still wields strong influence and inspires other shoe designs to this day. It is crafted with leather upper for long-lasting wear. For added comfort, this Puma pair of shoes use cushioned footbed and padded collar. Amazingly, it offers a snug fit so that you can wear it comfortably without any hassle. In terms of colour selection, there is a wide variety of modern colours to match whatever outfit you want to pair. Shop Puma sneakers now with exclusive Zalora promo codes.

Puma Frequently Asked Questions

Are Puma sneakers good for walking?

Puma sports shoes are designed to provide the utmost comfort no matter what activity you’re doing. They are perfect for walking, running, training, hiking, and casual use.

Where are Puma shoes made?

Puma is a German brand so many of their shoes are designed and manufactured in Germany. However, the brand also has factories located all over the world. Some of the countries these factories are located are Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

What is Puma famous for?

Puma MY is popular for its sports apparel and accessories. The most popular item from this sportswear brand is perhaps their shoe collection. It caters to all kinds of sports such as football, basketball, running, and training.

What NBA players are with Puma?

Some of the NBA sports athletes signed by Puma are:

  • Sterling Brown
  • Marvin Bagley
  • Rudy Gay
  • Danny Green
  • Kyle Kuzma
  • Kevin Knox
  • DeMarcus Cousins
  • Terry Rozier

How can I identify original Puma shoes?

The easiest to identify if you have an original pair of Puma shoes is to look for the logo. The Puma logo should be located on the sole and on the top of the heels. If the logo is missing or is placed elsewhere, your shoes might not be an original pair. Aside from the logo, the price of the shoes can also be a telltale sign.

What is the price of Puma shoes?

The price of Puma shoes depends on their make and series. For more information on the pricing of shoes from Puma online, refer to the table below.