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Among the best-selling collections from Puer Tea are the 湖南安化黑茶茯砖茶 黑美人 金花手筑茯茶 950G 正宗 Hunan Anhua Black Tea, Chinese Tea Brick: Puer Rape Tea 野生乔木 茶砖250G 普洱熟茶 茶砖茶干仓普洱茶 and 357G Raw Pu'Er Tea Zhong Cha 2003 Yr Raw Pur Erh Aged Shen Pur Erh Yunnan Qizi Pur Erh Cake.  Do not reach too deep into your pockets! With just RM 8.00 - RM 9,800.00, you can purchase Puer Tea's exquisite array of products online! Puer Tea Groceries and, Puer Tea Kitchen & Dining are among the many products offered by Puer Tea Malaysia. In terms of colour, Puer Tea's most in - demand colours are White, Red and Purple. When you shop with iPrice, you can get as much as 55% discount on all Puer Tea products.