How to Buy Gold with Public Gold Malaysia

Why buy gold?

Buying gold is a way for you to diversify the type of investments that you hold. Gold is tangible, finite and highly liquid. Physical gold is one of the most ideal forms for long-term wealth preservation.

How to buy gold?

The first step is deciding what kind of gold you want to buy. Are you looking to buy gold bullion? If so, are you looking for coins or bars? Would you rather invest in gold futures or a gold exchange-traded fund (ETF)? All these products will have slightly different purchasing processes, so deciding which type best suits you will save you time and energy.

Ordering from Public Gold Malaysia

  1. First, access Public Gold’s homepage and click “Login.”
  2. Click on “Register Account” if you are a new user. If you already have an account, enter your username and password, and click “Login.”
  3. Fill the registration form with your necessary personal details and click “Submit.” You’ve successfully created an account at Public Gold! An email of your temporary account info will be sent to you, verify and activate your account for the first time.
  4. After logging in, click on “Order” at the navigation bar to access the page.
  5. Next, click “Purchase Order.”
  6. You can choose products sorted by categories, or use the search bar to find the specific product that you want.
  7. After deciding which product you want, add to cart to proceed with the order. Check and confirm that item details, price and quantity are correct. If you want to change the quantity, simply click on “Update Cart” to apply the changes.
  8. The system will redirect you to the login page to proceed payment. Select a branch and payment method to pick up your products, for example: Petaling Jaya, Selangor and Full Payment.
  9. Purchase Order for myself or third party (enter the PG Code of the person, “Search” to update order). Once confirming order summary is correct, click “Place and Proceed to Payment.”
  10. Choose payment method as banking to proceed, upload transaction or payment slip.
  11. Kindly wait for the staff to process the order as Public Gold’s system will notify them immediately after you upload the transaction or payment slip.