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Making Yourself At Home With Primada Malaysia

When it comes to providing a more comprehensive list of household products that you can use comfortably, Primada certainly takes the cake as it offers tons of great household products. Despite only having a brief time in the market, Primada Malaysia quickly climbs up through the chain as more and more people begin to acknowledge and enjoy using its products. All in all, Primada concerns itself with the mission of helping you to make yourself at home with its products.

About Primada - Everything Is Simple With It

Established in 2008, Primada actually boasted a longer history even before its inception and eventual success. It is interesting to note that the history of Primada was tied to its founder, Dato' Ken Yap. In the last two decades, Dato' Ken Yap took his friend's advice to enter into this exhibition industry that primarily focused on selling household and kitchen appliances. Before founding Primada, he actually started a Nakada Group, a small company at that time. Prior to that, he was involved in his overseas business for 6 years. Created with the simple dream to deliver better healthcare to people, Nakada Group eventually grew to be one of leading brands in the healthcare industry. Eventually, Nakada Group now boasts strong manufacturing power and expertise as well as enjoying working ties with other established companies in other regions.

Despite suffering financial losses in 2001, Ken Yap was still relentless in making a big comeback. During that process of looking for a business that he can build, he joined a partnership with his younger brother in order to launch a new form of business. This business of being involved in the sale of home and kitchen appliances subsequently evolved into the one that we are familiar with, Primada. The year 2009 saw Ken Yap negotiated with manufacturers in China in order to produce production molds. At the same time, he also entered into a working partnership with some of well-known companies in South Korea so they can develop better products together. The combination of such working partnerships have unleashed this incredible household brand that offers incredible products that make the real difference in your home. Everything is simple whenever you are using Primada products.

Passion Of Primada

Always Buy The Best

When buying a particular product, every customer deserves the high quality that comes with it. As designing and developing high quality household products are its calling card, the young upstart brand like Primada is able to making its mark in an oversaturated market that is filled with so many brands and manufacturers. In addition, Primada has been widely recognized by critics and consumers alike to be one of the best in making solid and reliable household appliances that people can experience at affordable rates. Boasting superior performance at affordable rate, Primada products are simply the best buy as they give more value for money.

Just as home is undeniably important in our lives, so too are home appliances that make living in your home to be as convenient as possible. While this should be expected from all household products, most of them simply are unable to deliver such performance as they are either breakdown frequently or unable to perform as expected. Not only that, some even do not deserve such high price tag when they only offer subpar performances that prove to be disappointing. Unsurprisingly, this leads many people to have such cynical view towards household appliances. The same cannot be said for Primada as it is passionate in showing that its household products are reliable and durable so that you can use them in the long run.

Popular Primada Products That Are Highly Recommended For You

As your trusted brand in household products, Primada offers reliable products that you can enjoy at affordable rate. While Primada manufactures tons of exceptional household appliances, there is a list of popular Primada products that are highly recommended for you.

Primada Pressure Cooker

Boasting 6L cooking capacity, the amazing Primada Pressure Cooker allows you to do so many things such as slow cook, steam, warm and pressure cook. With just a touch of button, you can cook a variety of delicious meals from soups to stews in a matter of minutes. Moreover, this Primada product also comes with tons of exciting options that enable you to select and set your preferred modes in pressure cooking, slow cooking, reheating and others.

When you are using Primada pressure cooker to prepare your meals, you will discover that you able to do it in a shorter time. It is estimated that Primada pressure cooker cuts cooking time up to 70% especially when you are comparing with traditional stovetop cooking method. Thanks to our tight and busy schedules, it becomes difficult for us to enjoy healthy meals as we are rushing to prepare and cook our meals. However, the Primada pressure cooker is ready to bring the healthy choice back to the menu as it is able to utilize its slow cooking that can prepare healthy meals in no time! Now, you can enjoy a healthy dose of vitamins, antitoxidants and minerals whenever you are having a meal.

Primada 3D Air Fryer

If you are yearning for the day that you can cook without using oil, the Primada 3D Air Fryer has arrived in time to save your day. Utilizing the power of rapid air technology, the Primada 3D air fryer cooks its content from all sides in its basket. During that cooking process, the hot air just circulates very rapidly as it envelops around the content. Such method makes it possible for you to enjoy healthy food in a fast and easy manner. At the same time, you will discover that the food will be delicious on the outside while not being dry in the inside.

As it is not soley about frying, the Primada air fryer is insane since it enables you to roast, fry, grill, toast, defrost, dehydarate, steam and bake your food. Whatever cooking style that you can choose, you need to remember that all of them have been made healthy with this Primada 3d air fryer. Not just that, this Primada product also houses 14L which is absolutely incredible for those that want to cook for more people at once.

Primada Slow Juicer

More than just a simple juicer, the incredible Primada Slow Juicer is outfitted with latest technology so that it is able to get out the most of your fruits and vegetables. Thanks to time-honored method of cold pressing, it enables this Primada product to be more than capable in preserving up to three to five times amount of nutrients and living enzymes when you compare it with an ordinary centrifrugal juicer. It is pretty amazing to see that this Primada product does its job so well in a silent manner. Not just that, it also possesses easy-to-clean parts that just makes it convenient in cleaning it up since it can be disassembled without any trouble.

What is even more amazing is that this Primada slow juicer actually saves a lot of power despite offering such tremendous performance. As mentioned early, it is more than just a juicer as Primada slow juicer boasts several different functions that you can set accordingly: juicer, grinder and dough mixer. When it comes to healthy living, this Primada product can help you with that since you can enjoy juices with higher nutrients and vitamins.

Embrace The Power Of Convenience In Your Modern Day Living

Thanks to Primada Malaysia, doing household chores has never been easier. The use of Primada products have significantly reduce the time you spend in doing your chores. Since you have more time to spare, Primada products give you the opportunity in doing things that you like. Once you have enjoyed the superb performance that Primada products offer, you should take a look at Primada home & living products for the latest Primada products that you can get!